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Journal of the Simple: life on loan

Let’s put time to sleep
We are tired of being stood up

Tomorrow will come
A day we haven’t fret over
Could we have
How much does WORRY go for
In the market these days
I can’t afford it
I have barely enough
To afford a simple life
A life that doesn’t even belong to me
Yet I live it somehow
A life taken out on a loan
Please, put those fires out
Before they burn the terms of agreement
And all I will have is quit notice
Drafted in form of a suicide note
Because life’s troubles came knocking
And I had nothing to show them
So douse the flames –
The passion to give in to all my basest instincts
The danger of many philosophies out there
The desire to do just as I wish every time

Remember I am a loan not a mint
Not even the bureau whose job it is to worry
Enjoy all the Life-Giver affords me
Live according to the agreed terms

An average day in the life of Just-a-regular-crazy-spiritual-human.

Only once in a whole day
Does the dawn catch me lazily asleep
Never more than once a day
Do I have the privilege of breakfast
As rarely as once a day
Does the rising sun soothe my soul
And just once in a whole day
Do I have to toil under a fiery sun
Only once throughout the whole day
Does the poor afford a scanty lunch
Believe me it’s once a day
Do I enjoy a liberating evening stroll
And only once in my day
Does resting after work make sense
Never as oft as twice in any day
Do I smell a good supper
And just that one time in the day
Does the night speak sleep to me

…Okay, let’s go rogue now!

Most of the day do I cry for the frailty of humanity
Most of the day do I pull through with hope
Most of the day do I feel the poverty of wallets and souls around
Most of the day do I eat and drink anything I desire
Most of the day do I wear a straight face
Most of the day do I feel happy and contented
Most of the day does my mind actively work
Most of the day I am mostly the man I ought to be
Most of the day none of those that happen once a day happen

What Do I Know

What do I know of sadness
The tears of a life’s endless troubles
The separation from a loved one
The perpetual state of a rejected soul
When I was conceived only 9 months ago
And have only learnt to write

What do I know of happiness
The hearty laughter over a good meal
The joy of having one’s many sins forgiven
The excitement over a huge jackpot
After all, I was only born yesterday
And being taught how to write

What do I know of hate
The irritation with which I kill a fly
The insensitivity of a passionate murderer
The repulsion I feel for the baby I act like
Was it not only yesterday I came alive
Was it not only writing I was taught

What do I know of love
The unwritten care of father for son
The burning euphoria of frank orgasm
The insane bond between The Maker and men
After all, today is my second day on earth
And learning to write is all I am doing

In time, heaven’s light crashes in on earth’s darkness. //symbolic writing//

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two ships flying in space a-tango
Earth and Heaven kingdom-ships
The Heaven ship could fly faster
But it kept close to the Earth ship

Often it would send power sparks
To give the Earth kingdom-ship a lift
Or Earth ship would have fared worse
The crew is the worst a ship could wish for

For long the two ships have been on parallel courses
Heaven’s Captain keeping a close watch
Because He has a stake in the other ship
For Earth carries unwilling captives of war

Left to the gods of the earth they’d run it aground
They resist heaven’s help even firing at it
They’d sooner crash earth than see the slaves free
Sadistic gods set against Heaven’s Captain

The Captain knew they’d soon hit the Hell Hole
But He would sooner crash his ship into earth
To get it off that self-destructive course
And He’d capture earth ship

He’d overthrow the lords of the earth ship
Free the slaves and set things straight
He’d force peace to reign aboard that ship
But the timing has to be right!

No Title

I see nothing
Besides blank white space
No doodles of art
Or words of wisdom
I am writing nothingness
Onto this nothingness
I am supposed to be writing the seventh line
But I see no letter or word
Am I dumb and unable to communicate sense
Or just blind to the sense I am communicating

But, if I am seeing white
I must be seeing clearly
Even though there’s nothing
To be seen on this blank space
Except the fact I have attempted to write something
And given the reader of this blank space
The feeling that he/she is reading something
The satisfaction of witnessing a work of art
That he/she has just read a piece from/of my mind
Let’s all stop and rest now. Thank you.