When you dance like that

English: Cathedral cliff edge

English: Cathedral cliff edge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tango dance, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Come dance with me
My legs are itching
I have this disease
That makes the soul scratch

Let’s step up and stomp down
Feel the mood rise
Let’s savour the groovy moment
Like a delicious foreplay

Don’t let the music stop
Don’t give the man release yet
The legs itch and soul scratch
And we dance to that rhythm

It’s not time to quench this fire
Let us take it higher still
It may add colour to the climax
And the disease may find its cure

Maybe we will dance so well
And lose ourselves to the rhythm
Our souls dying at the climax
As we drown in the melody

Till we tango off the edge of the cliff!

19 responses to “When you dance like that

  1. Yes Doc, let’s dance that fine line, and if we tumble off, let’s do it while laughing. Souls dying at the climax indeed.

  2. Great! I’ll meet you on top of the roof after work! And promise to catch u if u fall. Try not to slip on your climax while dancing! 😆

    • Funny was just thinking of u.
      Hehehehehe. You are welcome. Oh my! I hope not to fall off. Do climaxes have to be associated with a crash? I guess we can’t remain in any form of pleasurable climax. Can we?

  3. Hahahahaha!!!!! Why dance for a short while when it sends you tumbling short. And you’d never even get to enjoy that same dance ever again!

  4. The last tango – love it! 😉

    • Hey Dee-Gray, how have you been -with RUC? Hehehe.
      Glad you like the piece. I see more people seem to be favouring having a last dance -though the LAST thing they’d do. Interesting.

  5. I will check out my statistics.
    Yes! I tell you -more than a full month’s worth! Bravo Trentty!!! I hope you are getting so used to the attention now, you are less likely to bleed out from blushing?!

  6. Till we tango off the edge of the cliff! My best line.

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