Happy lonely thoughts whilst lounging on the rooftop

Sky Lion

It is in the skies

The ears filled with lies
With tears flooding the eyes
The breath filled with sighs
Darkness hits in the skies

Into men’s souls truth cries
Free yourselves from these ties
While they wander like flies
Stranded up in the skies

A narrow road none plies
I encounter with shaking thighs
Which scales lows and highs
Like birds in the skies

Still the Dark One defies
Locking his captives in sties
But life lights my eyes
As I cruise the skies

7 responses to “Happy lonely thoughts whilst lounging on the rooftop

  1. Hard to do this, You pulled it off.

  2. High Times huh Doc, what have you been smokin’ again my friend?! At least you didn’t roll off while receiving such revelation. Wisdom comes to those who lie on roofs happily doing nothing at all… true or NOT!

    • Maddy! You post once contained the fact that one didn’t have to be on weed to be high! Hehehe.
      Hear! Wise words from the Earthean: wisdom comes to those lazing away on rooftops!

  3. Keep lounging on the rooftop, I like your happy lonely thoughts 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot RB! It’s really a lovely experience. *bigsmile*
    Thanks also for the follow. Acknowledged.

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