On little soul games: affections


Heart (Photo credit: mozzercork)

It hurts and you know it
You tickle my emotions
And my heart is sore
You string my thoughts along
And my soles are worn out
You play on my psyche
And I am tired
Does it give you any pleasure
To hear me admit it
That, even though I regard myself highly
You are far better than I am
You know the limits of my abilities
Intelligence, emotions, will power
Does it give you any pleasure
To hear me admit it
Because it boosts your ego
Or because it crushes mine
Yes, I can’t play along for too long
And since you likely knew
I would come to this breaking point
Why did you start this at all
To convince yourself you really could
Or to convince me you are all that
You taunt me everywhere I turn
I hear songs and my head swims
I see people and I only recognise your face
I know I am having a psychotic breakdown
Or how do I smell your fragrance
Even whilst in the loo
Through the day I dream
Through the night, of course…

Yet I can’t say I am in love with you.

10 responses to “On little soul games: affections

  1. Back in splendid form. Now I know I won’t get another rocket off you.

  2. Clever and sad. Well crafted.

  3. Nice one Doc, having another heart 2 heart with the Big Guy huh? Well the secret’s out, God loves you no matter what. That’s why you exist at all, through all your illusions, delusions and so called realities. That’s why the enchanted pen keeps enchanting us on a regular basis, god lives thru all of us. Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! Jesus, the Savior, reigns, the God of truth and love. So be fecund and masturbate into the wind o poetic sorcerer. ♥

  4. Hello NRM! Thanks for your kind comment.
    Pardon but I’m not sure I got what you meant by getting another rocket off me. Could you explain please?

  5. hello back to you as well.

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