Art Games: Spirits On Mortals

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

The Imp

The Imp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The little spirit is in his element tonight
The wine is particularly sharp at night
He is a teetotaller though
His pet-monkey is not
But the spirit loves milk
And the milk is particularly white tonight
The monkey’s eyes now red with wine
The spirit’s teeth now white with milk
And as whenever he’s drunk on milk
Inspiration barges in through his door!

He doesn’t quite write in ink or bytes
He doesn’t write on paper or screen
That’s ordinary level art
He delights in skilfully weaving romantic fantasies
Into the mind of that lonesome teenager
Those are the most gullible sorts
He enjoys craftily presenting visions
Giving the uninitiated ones “spiritual” experiences
Making them believe they just had epiphanies
He fancies softly forming dreams
Which the sleeping man is kept busy with
Yet some live their waking lives under these dreams’ shadows
He favours sparking the writer’s imagination
“Eureka! Genius!!!” The poet screams
“Pawn!” the spirit sneers
He doesn’t mind teasing the artist
Making his head burst with “ideas”
That only render him insomniac without real result

Who shall sue this mischievous being
For Writing Under the Influence (WUI)
And his only defence:
He was performing advanced level art!
In drunkenness he had forgotten
That the Creator-Spirit watched in silence
A Spirit much smarter with a stranger sense of humour
“Artistic ingenuity” the little spirit commends himself
“Predictable imp” smiles the Supreme Spirit

Now how’s that for art!

8 responses to “Art Games: Spirits On Mortals

  1. Liked the creative flow of the verse and what jumped out at me are the lines,

    “He enjoys craftily presenting visions
    Giving the uninitiated ones “spiritual” experiences”

    How could we support the uninitiated to envision a future of purpose and spirit?


    • Hello Shakti, pleasure hosting you here. Warm newcomer’s welcome to you.
      Thanks for your kind words and glad you liked the piece.

      Ha! See Shards, someone has come to learn of the spirit.
      Shakti, the spirit pulled his stunt by playing on the inner fantasies/cravings of those ones. People show their inner cravings in the words they say, things they do, etc. -in what comes out from them. It tends to leak out. The “uninitiated” ones were noticed by the spirit to show an attraction for spiritual adventures, a thirst for the unseen. Of course this particular spirit had no noble intent, and he probably conned them into believing what they had was real.
      Did he deceive them per se? Well, they had a soft spot -their fantasies, desires.
      Please, I am in no way suggesting you start playing people’s minds; because one can’t always link people’s at-times-warped-and-corrupt desires to something noble like “purpose and spirit”.

      On a sober note, it’s a hanging question which I have no definite answer to, because sometimes, people’s mindsets have just been steered off such directions, and it’s a T.A.S.K helping them see these. (This I say with extreme caution, apology and humility.)
      Pleasure again, Shakti. *smile*

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    how DO you get your head through the doorways? lmao… that lonesome teenager is the most gullable??? hahaha I think not, more like those aged 20-30!! haha they STILL think they can become astronauts! you did achieve making me LOL! have a great weekend Doc!

    • Hahahaha! I just float through… My plasmic self!
      Hmmmmm! Really? I guess this spirit still has a lot to learn on his art. You are the second person who has spotted the flaws in his art.
      I think it’d be fun watching the vicenarians revert to such fantasies. That’s a more twisted stunt than teenagers. Those are almost gullible by default, RELATIVE to the ones whose day dreams/fantasies of adolescence have been crushed many times (yet they fall for it).
      Hahahaha! Glad you laughed, Shards. (Though I bet laughter is never really far away, especially with your sense of humour that is a bit bent, and teetering on the edge always. Hehehehehe.)

  3. Ah Doc, I miss reading your stuff, I forget how damn good you are. And no less than the monkey himself makes an appearance, drunk on spirits (or is that Spirit?). Let the ideas always get the better of our insomniac tendencies.

  4. Hello Trent, missed your crazy bursts too! Greetings from camp Trent.
    Thanks for your kind compliment, T.
    Spoken like an artist. Let’s hope they are ideas that we can pen down into meaningful END-products.

  5. Brilliant Doc, u’ve summed it up quite nicely. That’s how the creative spirit works! Wits, Fits, and Fancies Free. ♥

  6. Maddy, and I am afraid you resemble such a spirit -with fits of fanciful wits!
    Thanks for your comment. Been a while (except when we use the carrierbird -twitter -of course.)

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