Of Mysteries

Bullet the blue sky

amazing grace

Okay, go on now
Amaze me more
Do your worst
You speak as though you were commanding
Well you got my attention now
I am the enchanted writer myself
Yet you speak as if to lead me captive
Chained to the very things you say
So have you met him
You have sat at table with him
You spent last night on his bed
Did you grow up in his vineyard
Listening to him whilst sitting on his thigh
You speak with very plain terms
Yet the things you say are mysteries
You speak impossibly simple things
That could undo the philosopher’s mind
How can you stand there and talk
Like you are no longer a mere human
How can you stand there and talk
Making me feel dumber than a mere human
How can you speak so coolly
Like it’s not a big deal
Well, you got my attention
Don’t lose me now
At least let me understand
This… this thing… thing you are trying to say
You got me destroyed by all these
My brains are out scattered
Into many different parts
Trying to piece together these things
How can you just stand there
And speak these things about God

As if it’s not a big deal*#!

12 responses to “Of Mysteries

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    when did you sit on his lap and listen to Him??? just curious! lol 🙂

  2. I see you and Jesus have quite a dialogue going on here. I’m glad you’ve come to some sort of understanding! You do realize the enchanted writer is the enchanted one! You are a divine GOD particle, so spread the good news Doc, we’re all part of the divine, that’s why it’s not a big deal. ♥

    • Maddy, hehehehe! Nope. It wasn’t me and Jesus.
      Sometimes, I hear normal humans (hence it could not have been Jesus) talking about God, and I’m enchanted.
      Loll!! I am indeed enchanted.
      If I am part of a god particle, there is another God different from me. You need to hear these mysteries.

  3. “You speak impossibly simple things
    That could undo the philosopher’s mind”

    This is the essence for me here. Nicely done.

  4. Hello Paul! Nice meeting you.

    Heehehe! When the callous/seared human mind can’t accept simple/plain -a warped mindset.
    Or, when mysteries just don’t work the way we expect a “mystery” to work.
    Care to share more reasons???

  5. I get an image of the Roman Colosseum…you there, beseeching earnestly. Am I projecting? I dunno..but I like it. I like the stream of consciousness feel to the questions, particularly, and as ever, find the brief instances of repeating technique solid and enriching.

  6. Well, that you felt at least a little of the sentiments is good enough for me, coz I was stirred to hear the human speak that way about God.
    Thanks for your visit, Cally.
    The indeed brief instances of repetition were totally involuntary.

  7. Maddddy!!!!! You are pulling some witty stunts there!
    I totally plead guilty though. Hehehehe!
    You are no milder yourself anyways. So, game continues… In a cheerful/warm spirit betwixt us.

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