The Ghost’s Rants: On Beautiful Dark Things In Men’s Souls

Roll the booze out into the streets
The writer is awake now
And unlike some of his psychedelic colleagues
This one is a complete teetotaller

Darkness creeps in on the globe
And the viperoid children dance out
Spawning “goodness” all over the place
But thanks, I’ll pass
I don’t need your charitable donation
A lovely venomous gift
Perfect poison for the pure soul
Birthing the gentle worm of darkness
The adorable monster that men are addicted to
The silent dark shadow following them
Even in broadest sunlight
Despite their sparkling wears and smiles
The soft white delightsome maggot
Laughing sweetly with them
With sparkling teeth like a saw
Eating away at the soul of the host
Soon that man is seen for the rot that he really is
You wriggle your seductive hips in my face
But I want none of what you are selling
I have lost appetite for that forbidden fruit
Let me write and live and sleep in peace
What more can you want from me
After all, I have made my bedroom
Six feet below the ground level
At perfect unison with earth and bones
Will you rock my knocked out senses
Or can you corrupt a dead man

Heck! I am not praying for the day to dawn
I am not hoping for an escape from the black
My light may not be more than 12volts’ worth
But in the darkest of periods it will shine
Despite the corruptions of souls and institutions
Though the grave burns the ghost still R.I.P.s

6 responses to “The Ghost’s Rants: On Beautiful Dark Things In Men’s Souls

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    ick 🙂

  2. gadzooks, we are both maudlin, today!! Connected at the cursor or the dark imageries in this poem, particularly the use of the word: “viperoid” and “…the bedroom that’s six feet under.” Sounds cozy!

  3. Hehehehe! We are right!
    I did love those parts too. Cally, not mixing or misusing words here, but it’s no cliche when they say those who sleep 6 feet under are at perfect peace. An unbelievably different life.

  4. Hey Doc, since when did you become so pure and pious? The devil in the details after all… 😉

  5. Oh dear! Maddy, I am only a dead man. Murdered.
    I lay no claims of my own to purity. As for being pious, the dead man doesn’t partake in any religious rites/traditions. He doesn’t quite pass for pious.
    The devil in the details? Hahahahahaha! I see you raiding me fully tonight. Appreciate the onslaught!

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