The Scientific Confusion: a tottering thought

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...

Let’s throw out the pots into the gutter
Though a little cooking is good for the soul
A little confusion brimming in the primordial soup
Bubbles of ethanol rising from the bottom of the pot
And now all the great sages of the earth are carousing
But eh, who can judge them
When they are stuffed with monkey soup
I hope they managed to eat it standing erect
And within a space of a few million years
Many even forgetting to shave whilst at it
Will they successfully prove evolution
By reverse-evolving
Why the obsession with this cookbook
Will seeing the recipe for the primordial soup
Bring back the flavour to this planet-kitchen
Maybe they are not really looking for answers
To the state of man and the kitchen
They just want them bubbles!
Them blissful bubbles of ethanol
And they’ll feel fulfilled by the rush
Or stagger happily under the weight of titles
Professors and Philosophers of them bubbles.
The kitchen lies in decrepitude meanwhile!

12 responses to “The Scientific Confusion: a tottering thought

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    I SO love bubbles…so do my cats…hehe but I believe you’re right about this kitchen, the scum growing around the drain, sucks daily, while the buildup of greed encircles the faucets, and the hypocracy burns on the burners like old fish! while all those striving for recognition, from Humans no less, are really just high in their bubble of ignorance. (present company of dr.’s excepted! lol) well done my friend!!!

    • Of course you do. You need them for haikus. But I am appalled the fantastic four love bubbles.
      Thanks dear Sis for adding colour to the poem. Love your additions.
      Hehehe. Hmm! You seem so sure I don’t belch up them bubbles many times? I think I do too. Maybe not bubbles from the pot of primordial soup. But look at those other pots brewing in the kitchen.

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    I imagine there are many pots in your kitchen…ooozing over… and many bubbleheads floating in and out to boot……lol and my kits like the kind kids play with, blowing bubbles…they think they are bugs or something…and chase them for hours… they do not drink champagne….lmao

  3. “they just want them bubbles! Them blissful bubbles of ethanol!” <<an instant classic! And "planet Kktchen"–near Hard Rock Cafe, p'raps? oh hoh. Another great write, X!! 🙂

  4. The thirst for knowledge could end in pride, addiction and eventual blindness/ignorance you know! Hehehe!!!!
    Thanks a lot Cally girl

  5. Sounds like your hungry for soul food, what’s for dinner? ♥

  6. Soul food? That should help. Something…anything true to remind me of the limitations of logic and reasoning. Something that relates with me at more critical levels than just intellectual.
    I guess we love intellectual grandeur!
    I could say but you’d hardly understand. Let’s just say raw materials for dinner were from yam, green vegees, tomatoes and chicken.

  7. Bubbles, bubbles!!! Bubbles bursting all the time. Bubbles bursting bringing troubles……holding on, but not too tight …….lest the pressure of holding on bursts mine. = )

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