Odd, right, inevitable


He turned to face me
Speaking in an endearing manner
How could I resist him
When he talked like that
I was not even paying attention
To his exact words
I did not exactly hear him say
“See that tree”
I was all dreamy when he said
“Go to the tree”
I shook at his deep rich voice not hearing
“Climb the tree”
I was hypnotically following him saying
“Hang yourself on the tree”

Then I snapped awake
“What!!! Hang myself?”

Fully recovered from my stray
I hear his voice clearly
No illusions now
I turn away from him with sure steps
And go to hang myself

23 responses to “Odd, right, inevitable

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    I hope your name was Judas! 😉

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    uh Doc? or Ahithophel???(lol had to google that one!) 😉

  3. Holy monsters Doc! Are you totally getting a bit weird and wooly? Are you growing fur and about to hurl some feces? Good on you! What a wacked little piece with a crashing ending…. loved it.

    • Shards, sorry, try again.

      Trent, heehehe. I am afraid I saw some fur yesterday. Glad you liked it. It’s always so when trent likes poetry, given that he’s a story major. I gotta say you probably aren’t any saner, given what you did with Adam’s dream…

      • This Trent likes good poetry, Doc, just can’t write it myself. Thanks for providing a slightly jarring poem.

        • I see. I think it’d be unfair if only you could be so awesome at both fictional prose and poetry. Hehehe. Let’s keep world talent balance now, Trent!
          Glad you found it slightly jarring.

          • I find you generally on the slightly jarring side, Doc. But that’s how come I like you. I’m all for balance, by the way, except that really I’m not. Things are much more interesting when they’re tipped on their side.

      • Shards Of DuBois

        alright I give? tell me you big poop pitcher! lmao

        • Hhahahahahahaha!!!! I will my scruffy hairy fellow.
          And the Master said to me and the rest of the crowd: if you wanna follow me, you must deny yourself, forget yourself, ignore your interests over mine; pick up your cross and follow me. And I lost gave up my soul/self to live with Him.

          • Shards Of DuBois

            He said pick up your cross and follow me…He didn’t say hang yourself on it first!!! or I missed that part too?

  4. Hhahahaha!!!! And again! Sorry.

  5. wow!! This is super powerful–and speaks oceans about the allure of “he”. It is superbly done, X–form, content–and resolution? Dee-amn!! Did not see that coming, but it is perfect, once read.

    You are topping yourself, too, Enchanted Scribe. Like any addiction, writing gets stronger!! 😉

  6. I am glad to “see” you, my enchanted friend. I missed you! 🙂

  7. Err… For all the Dead and Red Sea scrolls you are studying, you missed that! Check the Septuagint maybe.

  8. Now that’s a good boy, always do what you’re told! Is that why you became a doctor, Doc? To operate on the psyche of unsuspecting patients, err, readers?? Nicely done, always appreciate a good suicide. 😀

  9. Oh my! Maddy is on me tonight. Ride on then!
    Hahahaha! Oh no! I am not the hypno-murderer!
    I was more of a victim.
    You do have a dark side! ? ! ? @good suicide.

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