A Silly Conflict Of Desires

To the Lyricist: a song.

I am the seeking one

I see life as split into two
But notice sneaky shades of grey too

I sit on the palm tree
The clock strikes three
Jesus I just need to see

I spot him by the door
Right on the dot of four
Through the entrance people pour
To secure a place near him on the floor

He says nothing until five
As some latecomers arrive
Now the place is like a beehive
I make sure to mind my own drive
Wondering what others hope to derive

Crowds hear as he speaks
Of wisdom his mouth reeks
To the wrecked he brings a sure fix
Without him Earth could soon be in a fix
Darn! I am hungry and it is just six
And I had waited for this for weeks

It chimes seven
And I am so riven
My hunger is a given
But I am also driven
To seek Christ’s truths that enliven
Setting me free from death’s oven
Argh! But please be done before eleven

8 responses to “A Silly Conflict Of Desires

  1. Shards Of DuBois

    can’t believe you were thinking about food, with HIM right there!!! lol

  2. Hahhahahaha!!!!!! Lollll!!!!!!

  3. Okay Chris–you are going to freak. I have a poem in drafts called: Seven. I am going to post it–because we are on the same page!! different sides of it, I think–but weirdly in sync.

    7…I did it a little differently–but I heard the call of “7”.

    Tripping…I be tripping….

    • Hehehehehe!!!!! Same page? That’d be a kick! Of course, different sides. By definition, two insame writers cannot be on exactly same side. Insanity means diversity. Once you are outta that box, there is a huge world out there. Okies. Got your email notice. Here I come for your post!

  4. “Crowds hear as he speaks
    Of wisdom his mouth reeks”

    Oh dear Doc, here you go again
    forcing those rhymes,
    how many more times
    must I endure your crimes,
    of poetic subjugation
    oh the abomination!

    The clock struck midnight,
    this ain’t my plight
    so I’m cuttin’ right.

    Later my soothsayin’ seer… ☼

  5. And the venerable assembly of poets suddenly go crazy with “Maddy!!!!!!!”
    Way to go, girl!
    But I did my time
    For my crime
    Left without a dime
    For all my rhyme
    You did good, girl! Did good!!!
    I bid thee farewell! Pleasure having you around, thou sneaky fairy!

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