What Then (Dark)


Gloom (Photo credit: Owen Davis96)

What do I then do?

If my panic starts anew
If my sky’s not blue
If my troubles now brew
If my gloom does continue

If my darkness’s like dew
If my pains do ensue
If my lover says “eww!”
If my life’s like goo

If my sweetness’s like poo
If my happiness is overdue
If my failure’s like shoe
If my fears come true

What can I then do
If my doubts do subdue
If my sin’s like glue
If my Creator says “shoo!”

12 responses to “What Then (Dark)

  1. sweetness like poo… smile. Never would the creator say shoo if your heart is sorry for the poo. I liked this playful post..and yet is serious

    • Thanks, Audra. Nice having you around.
      As for the Creator, remember that section of the poem started with “What can I then do”? He wouldn’t, I guess. But if He did, there is no more hope.
      The previous section showed bad things, but not the hopelessness-inducing ones.

  2. If you believe in a Creator, he’s not going to say ‘Shoo,’ I’m with Audra here

    • What if same me who believes in a Creator also believes that Creator (product of my belief in the first place) can shoo me? (Wink)

      • Then He/She isn’t a Creator. A figment of belief.

        • You said, and I quote “If you believe in a Creator…”
          I based my answer on that -belief!
          Belief is the only link to reality that we are using here.
          You thought my hypothetical (hypothetical because you said “a Creator”, not “the Creator”) Creator was existent. Of course, you didn’t say this because you actually met with that Creator I belive in or because you understood all the qualities of that Creator. That would have really qualified you to know what that Creator can say or cannot say. So, it’s MY belief versus YOUR belief about MY creator. Who d’you think will likely win the case?! Hehehe

          Hope I am reading you right?!

  3. I suffer, therefore I am? Boo Hoo to you Doc. 😀
    How are you my proselytizer of poetry?
    Happy Valentines Day, God approves of love at
    least one day out of the year! ♥

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    IF you believe in your creator, you can believe whatever you want about “it”, creating said belief. why would you create a belief that is negative to yourself? and to have faith in that same negativity? WHY oh why? 😉

  5. Hahahaha!!!!!!! No analysing the shrink, Shards. Apt question asked. Lolll!!!! Maybe because I wanted to bring quite some weight of cynicism to bear?

    • Shards Of DuBois

      I’m thinkin the shrink is an instigator! no doctorate necessary to see that! lolololol

  6. Hehehe!!! You don’t want to tow this new line of discussion with an instigator do you?
    Maybe you really don’t see me as an instigator after all.

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