The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world is better off these days
Please speak no more of “the old days”
We now enjoy God-free lives
A world where “liberty” now thrives

Soon Ms. Shards will happily commission bigger orphanages
Because orphans’ ex-mothers see no need for extra baby-baggages
Engr. Trent will supervise the construction of a grander prison
As despite Barrister Erykah’s valiance conviction rates keep increasing

The Enchanted Seer will peacefully live all alone
Because his ex-sons have no time for his flaky old bone
Psych. Osaze will organise the rehabilitation of more teenagers
As despite Nurse Biutea’s diligence drug addiction rates signal dangers

One said even without God is morality
Being inherent in every human society
To which another aptly responded
But a child learns deceit and hate unaided

“I say we face this issue by talking and/or living
Like we are moral and/or thinking beings,
Ignoring the viper lounging and/or biting within
Breeding covert and/or overt sins”

P.S.: After all, it is fun engaging in witty philosophical discussions about God forgetting for a while the darker realities we face as mere mortals which we are very helpless with, despite our grand logics.
And for the religion- and/or grammar-sensitive reader(s), please note that the “sins” is not used as a religious term.
Thank you.


  1. I like that you make me think and make me read twice. You are a thoughtful intelligent writer.. I can see why you hang out with Trent

    • Audra, that’s quite too a heavy piece of compliment for me to carry. I’ll just dump it on my Muse, the one the whole earth wants to get rid of. Hehehehehehe!!!
      Really glad you could follow and flow whilst at it. Nice having you around.

  2. That’s a heavy topic, Doc. What would your piece say if we replaced ‘God’ with ‘wonder’? Very into your wording, by the way, it’s unique as always, and has a sing-song feel to it. Now as for prison construction, not really my forte, my task is more building back the world we had – which might be a prison after all. At any rate, always good to read your stuff, Doc, it’s got me thinking this morning.

    • Ha! And another shares my sense. But, I guess we see things differently, even a concept as simple as wonder MAY not be acknowledged by all as wonderful.
      Thanks for you kind words. Your compliments are now being redirected to http://www.Godmymuse.com... Lollll!!!
      Glad you get a peek into my perspective. How will an exponential rise in cases of abandoned children make Shards happy -though she has a large heart? Since when has the construction of an awesome prison become a thing of pride? (Well, at least it may end up as one of the wonders of the modern world!) Since when have the aged, who are tortured by loneliness, abandoned by loved ones to rot in Aged homes, regarded their emotionally silent-as-a-graveyard lives peaceful?
      A befitting witty response from the Trent. Yes! We all will be affected. A spontaneous gunman-and-serial-killer…a Physics genius on a quest to dominate by terror…a loved one who couldn’t give an ant’s piss about one’s welfare… It’s a grand prison we are building -caged by our wild desires, ignorance, religious dogmatism, … Yet we all argue back and forth for and against God.

      • The grand prison, Doc, a fitting theme. Prisons of conscience built around houses of paper. So what makes this prison, Doc? Who built it? Was it really us or was it just something not? Joseph Conrad argued in his Heart of Darkness that removed from civility, we regress to our base instincts and urges, and that those things are in fact not very pleasant. We dance on the edge of the river, Doc, and then someone whispers in our ear “never get off the boat”. Never get off the boat. Not even for a mango – for a tiger may be lurking there. But what’s the alternative? Do we ride the gunship up the river and face our Kurtz and pretend he is God because he believes he is God? And in the context of that forest and those people and that utter lack of restraint, are we sure that he’s wrong?

        God is no constraint. God is a liberator, a freedom, a freeing entity, a home and house without limit. God is not a rope drawing us back to the boat. God is neither the pilot nor the gunner (and guess what, God is not a bearded lesbian with mommy/daddy issues either). God is unknown. That bothers us. Bothers us that we don’t know, because we must. I’m fairly happy with not knowing everything, and fairly happy with the thought that some descendant of mine some day will come face to face with God and figure it all out. It won’t be me. It won’t be my neighbour down the street. But it will be someone, someday.

        And so I ask if perhaps the point might not simply be the quest for that knowledge. Not the filling of potholes with the asphalt that happens to lie by the side of the road; not the painting of pictures that happen to look divine. No, just a quest that we are on in a collective sense, to meet someone that used to live here.

        • You took it to yet a higher level. I meant literal prisons due to increased conviction rates from worse and more crimes committed because that’s what this “liberty” we have is making us do. Take note: I didn’t say God is punishing us with increased negative events. We are doing that very well enough on our own.
          Then we mentioned the inner prison of our ignorance, our unbridled desires/urges/instincts, etc.
          Now you have stepped it up. Personally though, I think this prison of our conscience is good. Indeed it guards houses of paper which would have collapsed if not held on all sides by this prison of conscience.

          I think we don’t even have to be removed from civility. The vipers are there inside. Sometimes a little spawn crawls out and shows us for the monsters that we have always been -when we hurt people, when we murder, when we indulge in drugs/addiction/, etc. Other times, the viper is just lounging and slithering quietly -when we pontificate and speak so proudly as we argue about God and things we don’t understand very well, when we manipulate people for our selfish needs (though without hurting them directly), etc. But we argue sometimes on logic, (deliberately or unknowingly) not considering the wars raging inside us reminding us that we are only mortals.
          Not quite familiar with the Kurtz story.
          Hehehe!!! Yes Trent, dancing on the edge…yes!!!
          Was he wrong to take advantage of the African tribes?
          Kurtz!!! Come out here! What were you thinking when you did that? What motivated you? What drove you? Trent needs to know if you just let go to some thirst for power, to subdue fellow human beings… He wants to know what birthed your actions.
          (Trent, I have been known in my LITTLE circle of real and virtual acquaintances to be the one to task and tickle people’s minds. Don’t put me out of employment. Phew!!! Are you trying to retaliate for all the times I put your mind to forced labour on your posts?)

          Ha! It does, doesn’t it? We want to know, on our own terms, all about God and the whole of existence. As for me, I will be happy with the One I know now, who deals with me based on me, helps me get through the day -good and bad times, corrects me when I do wrong. Indeed, he keeps me living free-heartedly. (Remember my post “Wild Child”? I am probably not the type to get very personal, but the post is close). I don’t all about Him yet. I don’t always understand when He speaks. But I’m not demanding He explains all about Himself to me today.

          Maybe Trent. Maybe. Though, others could be the issue of knowledge in itself. Knowledge itself almost has a force and power to stir up a quest, all on its own.

          Now, my mind has laboured a millenium’s worth. Phew!!!
          Trent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hectic having you around. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. does a child learn deceit and hate unaided? Really? With the cultural & environmental influences at work on him/her–completely aside from nurture–by the time such would be evidenced in a remarkable manner (say 3, 4 years of age) he/she would be hopelessly tainted, making he/she unfit for both any kind of relevant study and its conclusion…

    you know…a little bit? 😉

    Anyway. Got all sidetracked. I wanted to say: hi, Enchanted One! But alas, I’m high, and ranting some…hehe.

    Hope you are great!

    • Cally gurl, been a while. Had a bit of a block.
      Thanks a lot for the question.
      Please consider:
      Neither nurture nor society gives the child the the emotional backup or the ultimate will needed for hatred, anger, etc. Pre-wiring from birth is actively involved -the fear sensation, the adrenaline rush, the desire to avoid the unpleasant fearful sensation, the desire to avoid the feared event/outcome itself, …. It may be a long process, but it’s been secured and set off firmly by the in-built mechanisms.
      Pardon the confusion from the words. Yes, the manifestation of the hatred does occur in the context of the environment. I agree with that. The child is still a human being, and so is not completely a mystery, even though there are basics that must be in place, i.e., achieving “milestones”.
      Looking aside from the purely theoretical, conflicts arise when there is a choice, and there is still the issue of how the person already feels. And no matter how far back we go down a child’s life, I think we will find this conflict already existing. Of course, the very obvious expressions come to be affected by the environment.

  4. Hehehe!!! WNN (WordPress NN), more-Hehehe!!! WNN (WordPress NN), more-Hehehe!!! WNN (WordPress NN), more-Hehehe!!! WNN (WordPress NN), more-like!
    Do I know? Hmm! Not sure I am reading your mind, Cally.
    Anyway, I await any further points WHENEVER you Anyway, I await Anyway, I await any further points WHENEVER you Anyway, I await a

  5. Shards Of DuBois

    I had to read this ‘several’ times….OGG…Oh Good Gravy! lol It would’ve been so much quicker if you just said, we’d all be better off if we’d just quit letting our dark side out! You completely lost me concerning the orphans… I have several adopted sons, and I am DONE! Messed em all up!!! You don’t want me in charge of anyone with thoughts freshly forming! lol I CAN see the Trentster hunting down/locking up serial killers…forcing them to take underwater boarding classes…etc… I don’t understand the line about children learning hait unaided, I think that’s wrong…I don’t think it’s in our genes either, I think hate is taught. period. nuff said.
    but WOW…that was some enchanted chaos up there….I’m wondering if you forgot your meds? JUST KIDDIN’!!! XXOO 🙂

  6. Shards Of DuBois

    ps..that was HATE, lol not hait…. 😉

  7. Shards, pardon me. Tight schedule plus writer’s block has made me scarce. I, however, must respond to your comment.
    I think we can’t stop the dark side coming out anymore than we could stop it showing up inside us.
    Aww! And I kind of think you’d be a good influence on them kids -speaking as an outsider of course. But, what do we do? For many “justifiable” (wonder who declared it justifiable) reasons, children are being abandoned everyday of OUR own choosing. That is the Earth we are making for ourselves.
    I wonder what definition of hate we are using. Remember I agreed with Charron when she mentioned the expression of hatred in context of society/culture. But we already have the mechanisms in place for the different contextual expressions. The anger, the ability to hold a grudge, etc. No one forces the eventual will to hate on a child. Do you have a contrary perspective?

  8. HaHa, qualifying our sins nowadays are we? Then does it become sinfully good or delightfully dreadful? Words obfuscate, God just is. Is the truth not self evident, do we need proof of our very existence. Sometimes you just trust “the man”, of course I have full faith in you Doc! 😉

    • That’s how I have found it, Maddy. We are looking for more ingenious ways to paint grey over all contrasts of black/white, right/wrong, etc.
      Hehehe! Nice. Both. Sinfully good and dreadfully delightful. Apt choice of words.

      Hmm Maddy!!!! Words do indeed obfuscate.
      Sadly, we just don’t see the obvious at times, even when it’s smacking us in the face. We know we can’t trust our high-sounding arguments always. We have been wrong before in our lives. But when it comes to the God-issue, we deliberately CHOOSE to stick out our necks for our fallible logics and principles. This is only part of the story though. But,
      Question: who will be responsible for any consequence(s) of this choice WE made?

      Hehehehe!!!! Trust me? What if I’m some malware? What proof d’you have of my reality as a living medical doctor somewhere on this planet?
      Really been great having you around Earthean. You also have not been posting as often as you used to. Anyway, quality over quantity, I guess.

  9. Hahaha, you’re trying to be coy, you deliciously dirty boy!
    Who is responsible for the consequences/ choices we make? We are responsible for our our thoughts and actions of course! That’s why we are given this life to lead. To lead, not follow blindly. How else do we learn as human beings? We experience life and create our reality according to our beliefs or vision. That’s why you’re the Doc – like Doctor Who!
    I can care less whether you are for real or not, that’s not my concern, I just like calling you Doc because you sound like an erudite philosopher.
    I see you like to operate on the human condition, belief systems and ideas. And help people understand themselves better, I think you are Sigmund Freud reincarnated, LOL! Either way you make me laugh and I’m delighted with your banter.

    We’ve just finished up a fashion show in NYC and I updated my scrapbook to highlight the event. If you like to check out Haute Couture “Fashion”, I posed for several lines. It was a great experience and fun, come to NYC sometimes I’ll show you around. Good day to you Doc! 😉

    NYC Fashion Week!
    • Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And I tell you, behind my coyness I totally agree with you. I believe we shall be held responsible.
      Lolllll @deliciously dirty! You do have some taste buds.
      Nah! I can’t blush. Look at the sizes of those compliments!!!

      Checked out the pics. No comment form for commenting. They were really nice. You did look nice. How come you were involved? What was your role exactly?

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