For Some Wor(d)(th)y Friends.

Night by the river

Night by the river (Photo credit:

It is a night like any other
Same thing happening every night
Like the creepy night spent lewin invaded Rod Bayne’s house
Like the Christmas night mad 1earthnow had a drinking binge
Like the scary night denting dnobrien was visited by the huntsman spider
Like the famous night chicken charron laid her golden (book publishing) egg
Like the wistful night shards of souls knelt with the fallen leaves dreaming of the summer sun
Like the sorrowful night unfettered wordshit sat alone with two empty chairs and tattered journal
Like the comic night drool of stupid cried over the only award he would never have soiled –Stupid Award

This night again, the Enchanted Writer approaches the throne of the Creator-God
To petition for the souls of men, that they may live full lives, not lacking the best things in life
That Lewin may not lose his soul –err…coat
That Maddy may lead a sober yet happy life
That Dennis may dwell in security
That Charron may lead a truly rich life
That Shards, unbroken, may shine your light
That Audra may enjoy the fullness of your love
That Stupid may not spit on your free gifts and goodness

P.S.: For some (NOT ALL) of my lovely friends made in 2012 – , , , , , ,
Panda, I am sorry I don’t know your real name. Please, note that calling you “Stupid” was not in any way an attempt at derogation or retaliation for my award you soiled.

24 responses to “For Some Wor(d)(th)y Friends.

  1. I have many names, Stupid is certainly one of them, happily I have fewer nerves to be got on 🙂

    • Happy you have little nerves to be got on.
      A bit sad you totally missed the sarcasm. Besides the fact that you were the only one whose line (about the night stuff) I did not pick from a post, you should also know that I would never intend to be nice to the fierce Panda. Please note that I mentioned your comically annoying attribute of soiling awards. And you might wanna read more into the pet-name I gave u -drool of stupid. Hehehehe. This is me retaliating now.

      • I don’t miss things Monkeyman, you were both sarcastic and apologetic, wanting to bite but nervous of biting. I was just reassuring you I can take it, bite away…
        You do tell me a lot that I should ‘read more into’ your comments… perhaps you underestimate me… perhaps you overestimate yourself?
        Nibble nibble.

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    oh so bitter and sweet. and may the enchanted one face reality with an enchanted smile!

  3. Like the night you made me smile warmly and feel loved.. thank you kindly Enchanted Pen of Wonderful Wishes and Thoughts

  4. Ah Doc, that is really sweet, and very heartfelt. I’m quite blushing to be included in such a way (coat on or not). The best to you in the new year, my friend. Looking forward to more of your writings.

    • You are warmly welcome, Trent. Missed you a tad.
      I hope you do remember the post I dedicated your line to?
      Rod Bayne, brown jacket, strange dreams, trailing the enigma, visiting his office expecting to see daemons in his closets, creeping into his house and invading the drink…? (Ha! Too many hints already.)

  5. How cool is this! Color me impressed, Enchanted One. I love how your mind took a turn and you went with it…to me, this is the very best way to create–and it’s almost weird to say that, because each creation is necessarily new, but when I skip off into Left Field, I find I come up with some of the most absurd things–and to me absurd is optimum!—although I almost always…wait for it…drop the ball. (whoops…see? I just imagined myself in an actual softball game, missing that game-winning catch–although I played right field, actually–and you see how I wandered…hehe) Thank you so much for incorporating me into this fun-fun-fun and clever poem. Heart.

  6. Hey Cally gurl, you are welcome.
    Like a little naughty monkey, I’m colouring you into a rainbow.
    Amusing to be reminded of how the imagination works. I should add though, that this cave of imagination could be tricky with slimepits here and there. You may end up creating a “run-down”. Not all creations are exciting, you know.
    Say, how is your golden egg faring? Chicken! Chicken! Winner dinner!

  7. Thank you, and thanks for reading my poetry. All the best for 2013.

  8. No way Dennis. Come back here.
    As you may have noticed, each line was dedicated to a poem by the corresponding author.
    So, which poem of yours did I dedicate your line to?
    Spider, huntsman, sleeping…?
    Com’on Dennis O’Brien.

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