Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Introductory note: The Enchanted Writer is sick to the bones, and won’t be writing for a while. He is down with the flu. Some who know him as a medical doctor may be asking why he doesn’t treat himself. I met him last night when he told me he caught the virus whilst worrying over occurrences around him regarding people and love. He had always had his idea of what love was, being raised in the arms of the Creator who knew how to love like heaven.
You kicked me in the side
Told me you were just playing
I winced in pain
Love hurts

You barked loudly in my ear
Told me you were just talking
I shifted with discomfort
Love unnerves

You gripped me by the arms
Told me you were holding me
I fought for ease
Love constricts

/then you upped the game/

You lied to my face
Told me you were protecting me
I bow in shame
Love deceives

You threatened, flared and raged
Told me you were expressing your feelings
I cringe in fear
Love scares

You gave me silent treatment overdose
Told me you were controlling your emotions
I shiver in cold
Love isolates

You hurt my body and soul in a fit of emotions
Told me your love was passionate
I cry in regret
Love burns

I gave my body, soul and life
Told you I loved you
I died in love
Love is sacrifice


Author’s note: I hope my dear Enchanted One does not lose his life until he has found a cure for the lovaster that’s at large!

Word helper: Lovaster –a term derived by standard etymological processes from “love” and “disaster”.

14 responses to “Love?

  1. down with love eh? Geeze

  2. ps feel better!

    • Who wants love?
      Anyway, I made known your kind wishes to the Enchanted Writer, and he said to tell you that he appreciates it very much. He wishes more people, in love, would be about as plainly care for each other as you care for him (with your kind wishes). But, no, people just have to make it so complicated it begins to look very un-love-ly.

  3. How are you doing out there, doc?

  4. Trent, it seemed we all just went AWOL/MIA.
    I have been well. Owe that to the One watching over me.
    How have you been?
    Please, promise me you won’t stop your crazy stories in the invading year. It was fun hanging in cyberspace with you in the withdrawing year.

  5. Shards Of DuBois

    so glad u have a doctor to doctor u up, down or upside down, whichever the case may be … hope you feel better soon, to ring in the new suspiciously superstitious 2013!!!! surely ur caretaker could drag ur laptop up to your chest, so u can write……we’d settle for hunt and pecking!! 😉

  6. You know, to play around a bit, I’d say: your response is just awkward.
    First, if you believed you were addressing the sick Enchanted Writer, then you should know he has already found a way of writing (and hence you need not have mentioned the part about the typing.)
    Tell me the other thing suspicious about your response. Hehehe.
    This is me punishing you for what you did to me on your post -For my enchanted friend.

  7. Shards Of DuBois

    lol owe! being a smartass in writing can be difficult, timing is the hardest part. especially when you want it to have 2 meanings…hehe I’ll slow down in the future, so my meaning is clearer!!!

  8. Shards Of DuBois

    and ps…lovaster is a bit Trentish! lol

    • Hehehehe! Well, you should pay fairly for the deed you have already done.
      Another thing with your response was that there was no other doctor who doctored the writer up. The Enchanted Writer and the doctor are one and the same. I only went to visit him the night before the writing. Hehehe.
      Lol @ trentish.

      • Shards Of DuBois

        doctor who?
        the doctor is in, the doctor is out….the doctor is pretending he was sick with the gout…the doctor won’t quit typing away… the doctor is doctoring himself today! lol

  9. Hahahahahaha!!!!! And the Shards shatters the game bringing down the whole house.
    Yes. Just as you have scattered out above.
    I plead guilty.
    Pretending to be someone else.
    Pretending to be ill.
    Pretending to be two different people all at once .
    And I type furiously away…

  10. Hello, Enchanted Scribe. This is a most excellent poem. I love the numbered list effect, the balance of the stanzas, the varied repeating technique…and the content entirely/! Very well put, very expressive…the best stuff seems to come from huge emotion—and yes, I hate to say it: pain—and that word “lovaster”? ‘Knew immediately what you meant!! I hope you feel better soon. This is seriously YOUR best yet!

    • Oh my! I better not lose my swelling head to the sharp strokes of your accurately expressed compliments. Thank you very much, Cally. I guess I owe that to my Muse.
      I guess I am blessed with witty followers and readers like you. Was hoping I wouldn’t need to water down the effect by adding the wordhelper, but I didn’t want to risk losing the reader who fails to flow with the word. Glad you did.
      Thanks for coming by again, Cally girl.

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