The Days Of The Viper


Viper (Photo credit: Mshai)

We welcome the new baby of the of the Holysnakes
In the hood of the Kindsnakes, Sexsnakes, and Philanthrosnakes
Who were there to hiss their “hearty” cheers
At the family’s enviable progress over theirs

Chapter 1.
By changes over time in the viper nation
In support of the scientific theory of evolution
They have learnt to shed and change human skin
One of them may as well be your next-of-kin

Chapter 2.
The Holysnakes family has prospered in the religious field
In the midst of dogmatic and desperate souls who easily yield
They blend easily and act pious
With an inner nature so hideous

Chapter 3.
They rob the poor souls blind in God’s name
They know every Bible version’s publisher by name
They are subtly hypocritical and overtly critical
Whilst acting holy yet purely demoniacal

Chapter 4.
They slither their ways into gospel crusades
They even participate in relief and disaster aids
Some aspire to cross over to the true light
But their dark nature denies them even a slight bite.

Chapter 5.
They needn’t full moon for their true forms to show
From the depths of their beings their evil souls glow
They now regard themselves to be truly human
And will remain always to the end of man


Epilogue (Matthew 3:7-10):
The man John the Baptist with eyes aflame
From camp True Light sees through their game
Calls to them to come clean or end up burning
Hope to repentant ones, see the defiant scorning

(To be cont…)

8 responses to “The Days Of The Viper

  1. Dearest Mrs. Viper I hope to NEVER meet yoU!!!!! like EVER LOL!!!!

  2. Hahahahahaha! O Jasmine, I hope for your sake you don’t! But, have you looked at the statistics lately? Have you seen what proportion of the human population are vipers?

    • Yes, I have seen them grow, protected now by a shield that we ourselves have helped to build. It may be too late…..

  3. Yes, Supernova! Further, we have made it harder for ourselves to even see things clearly.

    Oh, and I should ask: “Are you even sure you are not a Novasnake yourself?” Those are the ones that shine like supernovas which lead people off in search of fantasies-which-cloak-nothingness-in-outer-space. They make one believe something is there! Hehehehe.

    Pleasure hosting you again, Supernova.

  4. LOL 😉 Great stuff….

  5. Hmmmmmm!Krysssssssssssssssssssss.

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