if i were

English: Horse shot at Munnar

English: cat and dog Español:gato y perro

If I were a castaway horse stranded outside your ranch
Would you take me into your premium stable-suite
Or would you call the Indian on me
Who would blame you anyway

If I were a stray dog hanging around your gate
Would you let me into your warm house
Or would you call the pound on me
Who would blame you anyway

If I were scruffy kitten being chased by a bulldog
Would you rescue me
Or would you let me be
Who would blame you anyway

If I were an orphaned cockroach scurrying in your kitchen
Would you let me to the dustbin full of fresh leftovers
Or would you call the exterminator on me
Who would blame you anyway

If I were an ant struggling in the spider’s web
Would you take me back to my nest
Or would you watch to see my fate
Who would blame you anyway

P.S.: A human being the worst of all creatures and architect of his own doom
Suffering inside but defiantly feigning bravado outside
Yet You forced your help through to him
Who would not thank You

Yet they despise you!

14 responses to “if i were

  1. Nice observation Doc, someday we will evolve beyond this human condition. Although I do not feel we would keep this human form! Human is human after all. To be human is to experience extreme polarity of consciousness – duality of existence. We have the grace of God and the seed of Satan within. Accept both halves and reconcile them, neutralize and collapse this illusive reality… it’s time to transcend humanity. Remember we are GODS.
    And all gods are One Love.

    • Hello Earthean, really nice having you around again. Been looking forward to your posts. Wonder why you do mostly reblogging. You wanna share the reason?
      True that humanity will not last forever. Change is bound to happen. I agree with you on that.
      I think accepting the grace of God can change us. I am not sure what exactly you mean by the seed of Satan because I believe light and darkness can’t co-exist. Naturally, the light bursts the darkness! Hehehe.
      Further, the story ended with someone who already offered us a way out, but we reject the person. Well, what’s to become of us when we reject help? Yet, we can’t help ourselves.

  2. Hey Doc,
    I’m referring to the innate polarity within every single one of us, which makes us human. Like yin/ yang – we are born with darkness and light, evil and good thoughts, etc. But one we become fully aware of our duality, we can proceed to drop both poles… hence they “neutralize” each other in terms of emptiness, or no-thoughts.

    As far as the re-blogging goes, I’m trying to limit my own opinion about things, and remain more open to whatever happens during the next few days. So, I’ll be turning my brain off after tonight. Have a wonderful ascension and we’ll connect (possibly) on higher dimensions? Ta-ta my friend!

    • Hehehehe!!! I don’t remember meeting you in my ascension.
      As for we being born with that little spark of light and a spawn of darkness, I would tend to agree with that.
      I get your reason now. I was just wanting to see what YOU had in mind.
      Nice having you around again, Earthean.

  3. A despairing write…with effective repeater technique. Like a fable in verse form.

    You know, that last (repeating) stanza reminded me of something. During the late summer I came upon a butterfly caught in a spider’s web, and oh! I had to be so careful to extricate it without touching or damaging the wings…but I did, and was so pleased I came upon the critter in time to help.


    I followed Trent's blog; thank you for pointing him out.

    • Thank you very much, Cally. I write as my muse leads, with some modifications at times though.
      I would climb atop my two-storey building and feed spiders with ants I paralyse partially, keeping them strong just enough to stir the web and attract the spider. Oops! It’s opposite to what we are about, but I do love the poor spiders who go hungry whilst the ants multiply in their thousands and never run out of food. I think, on another day, I might rescue a poor butterfly from the spider’s web. I gotta say: I’m impressed myself with how you thoughtfully extricated the poor thing from the web.
      Thanks for popping in again, Cally.

  4. I always help… to my detriment sometimes but I can’t NOT do SOMETHING!!!

  5. I need to read this again. Well done Sir.

  6. Ha! The Unfettered One, nice having you around again.
    And thanks for your kind comment.
    Please, read to stupor!

  7. Shards Of DuBois

    ur just a jelly filled doNut! hehe full of warm goo on the inside, and portraying a nut on the outside! u can’t fool us, we’re all foolish! and ps.. every time I see a spider in a web, all I hear is “help me, help me…” in a tiny voice lol

  8. Nice word plays, Shards.
    I know I am a nutcase!
    Whether soft or not. As for the warm goo, I don’t know about that. Hehehe!
    Let’s care for the Creator’s works. But, I’m not sure I need to be telling someone like you that. Hehehe. How are the Bansesome four? But, now you should know better that my counselling you on your welfare was not because I didn’t give a hoot about the Author’s creations. But, I should be aware that even the Author, who loves the little ant more than I do, still places me far above them. That’d mean my health is more important to Him; and I should take care of myself at least for Him.
    Here I go again, not missing a chance at my sparring partner. Tehehehe!

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