Dance (haiku)

English: Picture from a Shen Yun show.

Stranger, let’s dance please
A spontaneous dance of grace
You’ll put me at ease

You known dance-mates cease
Let’s end this long dance of craze
You’re beasts, fade in peace

6 responses to “Dance (haiku)

  1. Celestial beatitude, transcending grace….

    • Earthean, that would about describe it! Yes!
      It’s actually a strange experience -dancing with a new partner. Different from your old ones, whom you are familiar with, but they are just evil, eating away at you. And the worst kind I can think of now is that old corrupt, but at times very subtle part of man’s nature. I don’t mean to sound like a cynic, but if we would be plain once in a while, we may easily see that sly force that we have become friends with.
      Till the day we meet light and the rules are very different from what we have been used to.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! 😉

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