Tears, Please…

We worked hard through planting season
We worked harder through harvest season
Now we have enough happiness to last next season

We gathered our harvest into a barn
Along came a glow-worm which didn’t give a darn
Sat on the heap and lit the whole barn

Fire leapt up into the night
Eyes tear and tears pour at the sight
As the glow-worm took to flight

Oh well! We’ll keep warm on this night that’s freezing
By the fire from the harvest-barn
And starvation will start by daylight

Tears everyone, please…

14 responses to “Tears, Please…

  1. Nicely done, Doc. Like the story aspect. I haven’t seen that many destructive glow-worms. I think you could make a decent folk song out of this actually, I always appreciate the narrative element even if barns are burning.

    • Hehehe!!! It was a tired glow-worm with absolutely benign intents.
      You have a pleasant imagination. I shall not say morbid, for how can the burning of a barn evoke appreciation when a barn is something that signifies prosperity and hope. You have a pleasant imagination. I bet it is P.Lewin which appreciates the flinging of the master’s books upstairs that is speaking now.

      • My imagination aside, Doc, I liked your poem. I mean it about the folk song. Can you sing?

        • Oooh! The Trent looks serious today.
          (Straight-faced, standing upright albeit slightly tremulously, subdued countenance: ) Err, Sir, I fear for my abilities. Please, permit me wait upon my muse. Maybe I shall yet find the right lyrics to pacify your fiery thirst before my poetry barn is set ablaze.
          As for singing (vocals), I am not sure my voice can do justice to the lyrics I may come up with.

  2. Somehow you popped up on my WordPress Reader, so I took a wander over.
    I like the idea of a firefly not giving a darn; it made me smile. Sounded like a Burl Ives song

  3. Spare. Simple. Painful. Beautiful.

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