How best to fall

The best way to fall
From a height
Is to fall

You don’t know what’s there below.
If it’s something good, then you will receive a happy surprise.
If it’s something evil, then you will suffer by seeing ahead the danger you are inevitably falling into.

So, whether it’s into an abyss of faith, of love, or off the edge of a cliff,

Turn your back away from the emptiness below;

Step off with your right and stronger leg –
So you will find it hard to regain balance with your weaker left leg, IF you change your mind sometime later;

Then step off deliberately and calculatedly and cautiously with your left leg,
Because if you step off carelessly, you may fall haphazardly and bruise yourself painfully against the rough slopy side of the height as you go down.

Fall away backward
To what awaits you there.

Face it! You can’t help yourself much when faced with your hormones and love,
Or with the oustmarting evil of the human nature and the dark world
Or with the power of overwhelming love and life of the Christ’s realm.

Why not fall backwards???

13 responses to “How best to fall

  1. very philosophical. very detail oriented, too, which makes it seem a magic credo almost..:)

  2. Hmm!!! Thank you very much for your kind comments. I see you did read it!

  3. Hi there Enchanted One, are you speaking from personal experience? As for me, I always love with my heart, not the head. I’m talking head over heels crazy love, the kind that leaves you breathless. 😉
    Isn’t not knowing how far down the rabbit hole half the fun? It may be smart to fall backwards, but when real love takes hold, you’ll have no choice but to go all in. 😀

    • You are very right. Not knowing is part of the deal. Not only is it fun, it’s also almost inevitable. You really can’t know when you let go.
      We are same side. Notice I said with falling backwards, it becomes harder to see where you are falling into. However the tone of smartness that my writing carries is allowed because you do have to exercise some degree. Let’s remember that without the slightest level of caution, the world would be a horrible place because people would also fall into addiction, violence and every whim of their hormones and desires. Please, take a closer look at the issue. Whilst it’s true we let go, we exercised some level of caution or thought before letting go. That only makes our letting go better.

      • Of course you make a good point. Speaking for myself, I’m just a hopeless romantic. I think we can both agree on the “middle path” as the sanest way to live. It just depends on how sane you want to be? 🙂

        • Yes, of course. Middle point: between caution and complete abandon. I should add though that the scales tend towards the side of complete abandon. It’s a living and lively experience. It could also turn out to be a life-changing real experience. Besides, once you start falling, caution really doesn’t come in again (having served it’s purpose of making sure you enjoy the fall.)
          Really nice hosting you here.

          • LOL! You’re quixotically logical, in the most amusing way. 😉

            • Hmm! Quixotically? Like ideally, in an impractibale way? I see!
              Oh well, I amused, and not annoyed, you. That should count for something.
              Please, note I agree more with letting go. That is why I have said, for instance, that one should face backwards so that one can be surprised by what’s down below. Can I beg you to read the piece all over again?

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    I’d rather run off the cliff with my paraglider on! not necessarily safe, but a whole shitload of fun! which is pretty much how I run my life. teeeeeeetering on the edge. 🙂 I would like to say in complete abandon I let God run my life….but I’m still teetering a bit…. still foolishing thinking I know how to run my own life, holding on to that 1%

    • Shards, that would be another good idea. It may not drop as fast and easily as the mere body of a man, but it does reduce the risk of bruising yourself along the side/slope of the height. Very doable!

    • I should add too, that just as hard as it was for my mind accepting so readily and totally the peace I was offered from the Bible (from my post “Fear of fear and the old man” which you have visited) so it is with falling. We still put up at least that 1% resistance. I agree with you Sire.

  5. Crap…backwards you say? Too late.
    Loved this, thanks!

  6. Jo kiwi, where have you been?
    Oh! I remember the block.
    And you are welcome.

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