However it goes down… With YOU

You can plant me like a wild humpy camel beside a cool stream
Tend to my fragile juggly bones as you watch me joyfully beam
Soft-brush my skin till it smoothens and shines and even horses envy
Feed me with premium-quality wheat making my belly all groovy

Or you can drop me like a stray hairy dog in a stormy weather
Watch my short stocky limbs quaver as I run for warm shelter
Rain-beat my body till it’s wet and scruffy and even cats pity
Feed me with dung-quality junk making my belly all shitty

Please, whatever be the favour or plight
Let this camel return from party to find YOU tonight
Or treat this dog to YOUR warm supper and heal his sprain
Just don’t let me lose sight of YOU come gain or pain

Even the most absurd thoughts can't ruffle this Enchanted Writer. Spill, please...

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