Tears of our seasons together

Winter Morning

Winter Morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

English: Hill Close Gardens, Warwick A good cr...

Autumn Leaves in Summer

Summer into autumn

Walking steadily under the blackening heat of the sun’s glory,
Headphones on my head, fingers tapping, face awash with brightness;
Your fiery love shakes my joints, smiles and hormones.
Tears of spring’s fond memories in my eyes
Dry too quickly unlingering on my hot cheeks.

Strolling about on the brown grass in evening’s melancholy,
Head in the wind, arms dangling, face serene as the floating-falling leaf.
All is at peace between my natural world and your supernatural.
Tears of summer’s warm memories in my eyes
Run lazily down my blushing cheeks.

Lying still on my cold bed on a winter’s night,
Head facing up, arms thrown forward, face still in soft prayers.
I hang out my fears and doubts on you to freeze away.
Tears of autumn’s pleasant memories in my eyes
Turn to icicles on my goosebumpy cheeks.

Skip-hopping like a newborn gazelle at spring’s break,
Head bobbing, arms flying, face glowing with ethereal liveliness.
My life starts and flows, rolls and ends with you.
Tears of winter’s cool memories in my eyes
Flow freely down my supple cheeks.

Each season brings back fond memories, and creates new ones, of us –
Waking up, living through the day and passing out at night with you –
That give my darker days some semblance of meaning.
Tears of life’s sweet memories with you
Become a sea of love that drowns me.

Thank you for giving me good days.

12 responses to “Tears of our seasons together

  1. It’s truly a beautiful poem.

  2. Why thank you, warai! Nice hosting you here.

  3. Echo above sentiment, Doc. This is beautiful. I seldom use that word. Hope all your days are good ones.

    • Hmm!!! Trent, once again, you are determined to flatter me?
      You may not be surprised to hear that I have some sore days.
      So, it’s good at times to remember that you are not abandoned when things turn sour.
      Quite a pleasure hosting you, Trent.

      • We all have the sour days Doc, but let’s hope for better shall we. Always a pleasure to look in, Doc. I have not been around much and hadn’t seen any recent posts from you so I tracked you down. Take that as a compliment, cause you’re not getting anything else out of me!

  4. Oh goodness, Trent! Well, if you must know, I also felt so strange I had to go check out your site after your protracted absence even though I would have gotten any little post from you by e-mail. So, back at you!
    Thanks, by the way, for the compliment.
    Hope for better, eh? Well…

  5. Gorgeous parallel of seasons and cycle of love. “My life starts and flows, rolls and ends with you.” <<<<woooow. What a powerful line, Chris. A poignant write.

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