Undeniable You

Death Valley

Death Valley (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

I am trying to swim,
But how is the water filling my lungs towards the brim
I am drowning
I am dying

I try to get out soon
But how does one scratch out of an elastic cocoon
I am suffocating
I am dying

I try to quench it
But how do I kill a furnace with just tears, piss and spit
I am burning
I am dying

I try to crush it
But how is my ramming the wall not breaking it
I am wrecking
I am dying

I fight to stay alive
I am living to die
In death I lie
In dying I come alive

Your world is unseen
Yet it has violently crashed into my scene
And it fills me with real life
Setting me truly free without strife

9 responses to “Undeniable You

  1. …dig the repeater technique. Rawness moves into healing…

  2. Thank ye for your kind comment.
    I tell you, I sometimes wonder how raw it must be allowed to get before healing flows through.
    Nice having around, Cally gurl.

  3. Well Doc, I would say that this is the best one I have read from you. Different style. Different tone, almost vehemence within it. Despite the death valley scene, I got a chill.

    • Really? The best? Wow! That’s something to hear.
      Thanks for your frank opinion, and coming by my site.
      Did you say “DESPITE the dead valley scene”?

      • I just meant that the content of the poem left me with the impression of a coldness even though you have an image of Death Valley in the post. Why it’s the best… I don’t know. There is something lyrical about it, the way the style and the repetitious rhythm goes. Just has a flow to it that felt compellingly readable.

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    “how do I kill a furnace with just tears, piss and spit.” That’s phenominal! along with the rest of it. made me so sad. hope this was just a poem, and not a memory. 🙂

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