Angels and Virgins

L' Annonciation, 1644, peinture de Philippe de...

Come play with us Angels sometime,
As God’s wonders treat us to an awesome time,
Whilst earthlings are ignorantly declaring,
Babbling about KNOWING that heaven is boring.

Then the Father summoned Gabriel telepathically,
“A top-secret mission.” He told him emphatically.
Can’t divulge the details on;
Neither will any get it on

With Jesus’ joy in our hearts
We rode off in gliding carts,
All the while making merry
On our way to meet Teri.

We had a dialogue her at the synagogue:
“Sirs, I only had sex with a mere dog;
Surely you can overlook that.” she was saying.
We weren’t waiting to indulge her braying!

We RAN across Lori in a shocking marvel.
Our eyes shall not see evil.
For our Lori most awesome
Was deeply engaged in a threesome!

We argued with Kari at the temple.
Her knowledge of philosophy and logic was ample.
“Sirs, hymen intact, who says my giving a “blow job” is wrong?”
We answered her from our escaping wagon!

“Boy!” Gabriel did exclaim, “Man is sadly lame –
Insisting that legal or acceptable and right are the same,
When Creator-God already defined right and holy
And made His truth available to all freely.”

We picked Mary away from the market,
Where she was feeding her monkey from her basket,
Whilst giving the teenagers sex education,
Though she herself had never been involved in fornication.

Top-secret mission accomplished at long last,
We settled down to having a blast:
Earthquakes, as our rocky missiles sent demons reeling,
And we set ablaze their asses with bolts of lightning!

Epilogue (THE BIRTH OF JESUS) : And Mary the true virgin became pregnant with an unusual child, uncontaminated with the fallen nature of man. At the fullness of time, she was delivered –yours truly being the Doctor-in-attendance –of a bouncing baby boy Jesus.

Spoiler-alert! The word “blow job” did not exist then.

19 responses to “Angels and Virgins

  1. Doc, this is absolutely bloody brilliant, hilarious absolute weirdness of epic proportion (and I do mean epic), and so happy to see that the monkey has made an appearance too. I laughed and I marvelled, my friend, but mostly I’m going to applaud. Seriously, this is sheer art.

    • You are determined to bring colour to my cheeks but I won’t budge, knowing I can’t take credit for it. I wrote as I saw.
      I must confess my exposure to your writing had something to do with it.
      Glad you enjoyed it.
      Yeah! The monkey did make an appearance. Little wonder he already chose the chosen one even before the angels discovered her. A very mystical monkey this one is.
      Nice having you around Trent. Acknowledged.

      • A pleasure to be around, Doc, and while hard for me to believe that I had anything to do with this, I’ll take whatever credit you dish out. I hate using the word unique but it fits here… compare to most of the stuff you read out there, this is different, bright, and a singular voice. Bravo for that.

        • Thanks for your kind comments, Sir Trent.
          Our products are hardly unique. We take ideas from around us. Right from our early years, consciously or subconsciously, we filter and absorb. True that I incorporate some form of story-telling at times, your writings also show certain uniqueness still in story-telling; and I consciously/deliberately (and likely subconsciously too) absorbed some of that.
          I see we have yet another thing in common. I also regard the idea of trying to be unique with suspicion. It’s amazing how crazy people are and the inappropriate things they do at times -just TO BE SEEN as different. Don’t let me start!

          • I’m with you there, but I see the opposite as well. People who churn out the same sentiments with the same styles over and over again, until they’re parodying themselves. People who push to be different are just obvious about it. I figure that if there is a voice to your story, and you don’t force it, it will by itself produce something unique. If not, oh well. Better luck next time. Also brings to mind an interesting dichotomy between what a storyteller is and what a writer is. I think they are different quantities at end of day.

            • I’m with you also on that opposite.
              Maybe I will see a post on wordpress someday about those differences between a writer and a storyteller. But it’s not likely to come from me. My theme is already set. I write for the unseen world -the world of good and evil, angels and demons, the mysterious God and the mysterious nature of man deep on the inside.

            • Stay on the ethereal side, Doc. You work well there. I maybe will put together a post on storytellers versus writers. It’s really an interesting split, worthy of some debate perhaps.

            • Thanks a lot, Mr. Trent.

    • Trent’s right! This scene reeks of Monty Python’s Flying Circus – ON LSD!
      Yes. More Please. Thank You. Awesomely creative and satisfying, Bravo!!

      • Thank you very much for your compliments. Though I don’t know about the Monty thing, I’m guessing it must be something magical or theatrical.
        Really nice having you around Earthean.

  2. I should have known you are Trent-ish

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