The Other World: The First Breeze

Sea Storm in Pacifica, California

NOAA aerial photo of Hurricane Isidore taken T...

From across the sea
From the other world

The voices come hurriedly
Gliding with wings of the breeze

The closer they come accelerating
The heavier the wind grows

Swiftly soaring from above
Edging lower towards the shore

By now it’s a hurricane
Soon to crash against the shore

Truth from Heaven Enchanted above
Screaming to be heard

On this side of the world
The summer-sun-beaten shore

The partying beach animals seeing it
Fold up and flee the impending

The wise monkey observes all these
Having been expecting the hurricane

He leaps off his branch
Grabs his surfboard

Folds up his house
And heads towards the sea

Truth may come like a hurricane
But get your board and hit the groove

Liberty awaits!

7 responses to “The Other World: The First Breeze

  1. I know this monkey has to do with the bigger story here, and though I am not 100% familiar with that, it makes for a wild couplet form poem! Powerful end line when you break with this form; also, II love that he “folds up his house” and goes surfing! (Cally girl that I am) Well done, Enchanted Pen. 🙂

    • Nice having you around again, Cally girl. (is that like your nickname?)
      Right! The monkey has a lot to do with it. I use it in many of my writings to show the less altered state of man -the less advanced, more plain and natural, less corrupted, more frank -and hence, a better man. He is more open to the truth.
      And the bigger message here is the same message all my writings point to -the existence and reality of the supernatural/unseen world.
      Of course, many run from that screaming fact. Some are aversed to it. Some are just too engaged in other things to pay any heed.
      But, dear monkey takes it on fully!
      Sincerely I hadn’t a couplet idea in mind when I did this.
      Nice to know u r a free spirit too.
      Let me confess to influencing the daring action of the monkey. It’s just the kind of thing I might do.
      Pleasure hosting you, Cally girl. (Can I call you CallyG for short?)

      • You can indeed, Enchanted Reality. 🙂 And I am a devout believer in the unseen world. Just as an ant can’t fathom the bigger picture of our reality–how could we possibly see our own bigger picture…or even as cats see only blue and green, when there is so many shades in the spectrum.

        Sorry I’ve been “gone”…I’ve been tending the less pixelated part of life recently, which is far more in need of attention. (snap and damn anyway)

        Here’s something: I love your combo of “frank and hence”…:) Now, now–don’t de-myrhh. That phrase was serendipitously “golden”…;)

        Do you have a shorter moniker you go by?

        • I could read your colours clearly there as you described the ant and cat. Totally usable illustrations. Let me remind you though that some monkeys are insectivores. Be glad you made your point before the ant disappeared.
          Hahah!!! Really nice. You doo have a witty sense of humour and likely a lateral (out-of-the-box) thinker too?!
          Yeah! The un-pixelated ones too need attention.
          You can call me chris.
          Thank you CallyG!

  2. I work, pray and study everyday, with an eagerness and expectation to know more about what is to come, to know just enough to make me ride and not drown. So help me God.

    • Just curious: what d’you study exactly?

      Ha! Of course, just enough to keep riding without sinking. It’s like that for some who even managed to hit the waves. But I guess that’s better than running away from the truth.

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