Mindman says: none is wise.

Why is the wise sometimes foolish?
Please, give him a knock on the head as discouragement.
Why is the foolish sometimes wise?
Kindly pat him on the head as encouragement.

But, know that the pat or knock will not bestow wisdom.
Who has been to the land of wisdom across the River of Undying Life?
And we all sit to boastfully assess and profess.
Shame, I say! Shame!

I do not regard anyone smart or foolish.
I am no authority in the field.
I am just a lowly mentalist,
Trying mischievously to catch some sad fun;

Hoping I don’t end up a card myself,
In the games I love playing.
Well, those who live by the sword
Should expect to die by the sword, right?

Then, why blame the one who killed another swordsman,
When he was just following fate and prophecy?
So, leave me be, please.
I was/am sent involuntarily to the others.

P.S.: And while some break their heads
Over the impossible journey across the River of Undying Life,
I patiently expect the return of The Emissary from there,
Lounging out here by the cliff in sweet spirits.

Thank you.

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