Mortals Versus Deity: A deity’s perspective?

Washington DC - Judiciary Square: Meade Memorial

Washington DC – Judiciary Square: Meade Memorial (Photo credit: wallyg)

A supernatural world that knocks the earth out of its orbit
The rules override the laws of physics and logic
A powerful system whose fingers weave through all nature
A power that affects events in nature all around us
A living breathing force that swallows the ball of darkness
A solution to the complex puzzle of the corrupt human nature
A mystery that smashes the imagination
A fact the limited cognition can’t process

I am the Unseen One
I exist even if you mortals don’t want to admit it
I am even if you have challenges acknowledging it
You don’t expect me to fade because you deny my reality
You don’t expect my deity status to change because you blaspheme and curse me
You don’t think I will be guilty simply because you rain –
Well, since you are below and I above –
You fire blames upon me
I have made my case, but you simply don’t want to pay attention
Then you bring up all these “facts” and allegations
You manufacture your own versions of circumstantial and hard evidences
Without even a slight trace of my “DNA” to inculpate me
You concoct your own versions of character evidence against me
Without even a peek at the copy of my personality profile
Available so readily all around.
And when I won’t even honour your subpoena
You blatantly call me a coward
Then you go on to lead your lives
Mostly oblivious to my reality and design for your lives
Occasionally admitting to my existence with the angry jab or a curse word at me
I still try to help you see
Not because I cease to be a deity without you
(as I can reel out a billion universes and creatures in a second)
But because I am still concerned about you.
Yet, my reality remains a mystery to you
A reality more promiscuous as a blazing sun temporarily hidden behind a cloud
Yet can be observed to be there
But, again, poor mortals are stuck on detailed analyses of the clouds
Blind to the sun!

2 responses to “Mortals Versus Deity: A deity’s perspective?

  1. Should the writer be concerned about us? Or disappointed with us? I can never tell.

    • Hmm! Question.

      Which I would really feel like, I’m not sure I know.
      A mix of both I guess. But, make that disappointment sadness. I’d be disappointed if I EXPECTED more. I don’t. I know humans are CAPABLE of uncool things; so I am sad, not quite disappointed.

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