Midnight Raves: Words and Wisdom

Moon and Saturn on Mobile Phone

I have heard someone who may have thought himself a sage say:
Without darkness there can be no light;
Without death we wouldn’t appreciate life.
What then is the value of good, if it is incomplete without evil?

Or, maybe it is just because we are confused.
Who has been here before the world began?
Who has been in an existence that had only light and life?
Let him silence these babbling sages who pontificate before me.

Night has come with the peak of life and performance.
Meanwhile the other members of my species
Are lost and dead to the world –
Souls astray in the land of sleep.

One has said to make hay while the MOON shines.
A real sage that one is!
So, let me indulge (in) my garrulity.
Chances are that you will find a useful phrase in the multitude of the words.

It really doesn’t cost much to speak.
It’s way less stressful than typing.
So, give me some credit for the words,
Whilst not forgetting the One who birthed the world through words.

So then what qualifies as a wise saying?
Words many people agree with?
Words that help many people?
Words that are complexly interwoven?

Words that are full of proud vocabularies?
Words that are very simple?
Words that give (any kind of) answer to a tough question?
Can someone please tell me?

Because we speak these days,
And I struggle with the words I hear.
Or, maybe I have been listening to the wrong people.
Maybe I should look elsewhere besides earth.

The kid thinks the father a wisest man.
The lover hooks on the words of the significant other.
The people want to believe the words of the presidential candidate as solution.
The seekers believe the words of their holy books ultimate.

And here this hapless doctor-turn-writer has found himself in this insane universe,
Where sound words are to be mined as precious stones;
In caves that are unstable and treacherous;
And the smooth rider today finds himself in some pit tomorrow.

10 responses to “Midnight Raves: Words and Wisdom

  1. Do you have the issue of commitment or does the world? Seems like you have the words and see the words, so what does that make you? Answers are usually lies. Big words are deceits. Conclusions are jokes, they don’t exist here or elsewhere. Only happy to see someone asking the questions. That’s what matters. We don’t have to have answers. We maybe aren’t there yet, so what? Invent a religion already, one about the failed fulsome writers and their leaking pens. Same things as holy books anyway.

    • You are positively cracking me up, Trent, talking about failed fulsome writers.

      In other news, “Hear a sage speak!!!” (Must be Primate Lewin!):
      We don’t have to have all the answers. I wonder why we feel we must -a sort of pride or foolishness; or a desperate attempt to give some comfort to aching souls (even if the comfort is fake!)
      Uh, issue with committment? If u mean committing to the cause of (finding and living) the truth, well we fail at times (including me).
      I have and see the words that I see. I try to call it as I see it. So I may not be guilty of pontificating. But, what if I am not seeing well and am just another deluded fellow?!
      Thanks for the interesting comments, Trent!
      Don’t forget we have a deal about writing me into your story -Florian -IF you decide to continue it.

  2. Shards Of DuBois

    I’m having a wonderful time, reading, and re-reading ur blog today, knowing ur not online…I feel sneaky, I’m a prowler. lol I’ve always thought being a sheep was a bad thing; we’re not supposed to count them, but count our blessings instead. we’re not supposed to follow someone off a cliff, if they’re sheep enough to jump. I feel the need to pray for the sheep who are being led astray daily, and plan to stay with the pack! and I rest assured my Sheppard will call for me, not caring once that I’m a bit to hairy!

  3. Oh Shards!!! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
    The good shepherd will whistle for you and somehow keep you from jumping off. He would go to lengths for the sheep, especially those of his fold.
    You know he said somewhere that those “sheep” that fall off the cliff were never even his own initially, but were those who had even resisted him insistently. He would go to lengths for the true sheep who is being deceived. Heck! He has gone to lengths already. (But will still go further!)
    And shards just had to go loopy again! Yes! You are a very hairy scruffy sheep with wool like an afro on a baby’s head.

    • Shards Of DuBois

      I don’t know how I missed that last comment….but I did!!! but you can rest assured….I will find you….somewhere in the future….and I will throw poo at you from my hairy self!!!! lmao just reread this…and gave me some inspirarion….lets see what I come up with!!! 🙂

  4. hmm…without polarity, there is no yardstick. Good post, X 🙂

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