The Redefinition

Another morning from my verandah

In-between consultation periods with patients on a light day, I’d leave the consultation room with my jotter and pen, walk out to the veranda. My hospital was a 5-storey building on an elevated part of the city, and my medical business ended at the second floor normally.
Now I know it is not a most magical experience, but imagine how blessed a doctor feels to be able to wander up every veranda of that building, and finally stand on the topmost, a jotter or phone in hand, and writing obsessively as he looks over the whole city and men swimming in the stream of life.
This was the birth of my series of writing –From My Veranda.
I wrote at different periods of the day, from the different storeys, on different days (as the workload permitted). I have to say: these periods of writing were wonderful experiences for me, amidst the near-fun moments of consulting with patients. I lo…ved being a medical doctor, and I loved meeting with people and being able to help them with their physical and psychological ailments.
But, this other work committed into my soul; this other fire burning in my fingers (not to perform surgeries); this other brewing in my brain that makes me passion-crazy –
Is to paint out the unseen world with words, so that the seeing mortals can see and read, and acknowledge the reality of the supernatural; and recognize that it affects what they are and what they experience in this natural world.
It got so crazy that one morning, after my night shift, I left the hospital with a phone in my hand and typing as I walked on the road observing the people of that region, being different from where I live.
This is not borne out of a desire for fame. It is not borne out of a plan to leave medical practice and start generating income from is not borne out of a desperate desire to carve out a niche for myself as a versatile medical doctor, keeping in mind that I have so many other sides (refer to my “about” page and my nomination for one lovely blog award).
I have left that hospital today, but the writing has not stopped.
I have to do this. I have to do this. I have to do this.
The supernatural world is as a real as an unseen heart beating wildly under the thin skin of this present world.
My redefinition.

Thank you.

10 responses to “The Redefinition

  1. Lovely write up bro. Maks evryone wanna bcom an author of some sort. Indeed der’s vision in writtn. Thumbs up. Kip d flag flyn.

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