free-release writing: a writing showing the writer.

Writing without any thought in mind
Oh! And also none of my usual muses is present
So I am just typing
About hate and sickness
About life and love
About how we live our lives on the surface
About how we sleep and never wake up from the lies that have sedated us
About happiness and success
About victory and failure
About writing and what it takes to be a writer
About reality and illusions

I am typing not from my consciousness
Unedited and unabridged

I wonder how many readers are subconsciously psychoanalysing me
Good luck with that
You don’t think I have tried free association and thematic apperception tests on myself

P.S.: Now back to my usual self, I looked over the above and it seemed meaningless to me.
Well, I did write it without any thoughts.
If the above were a form of psychological testing, what would that imply?
I like doing something unconventional, though possibly risky and stupid?
I believe you NEEED a muse to write SOMETHING?
I am concerned about the sad issues of life. Now this is sure, as my writings (poetry or otherwise) have testified to. Matters of hate, sickness, deceptions and illusions we surround ourselves with come to mind a lot.
I am always hoping that many more people will come to experience truth, life, real love, happiness as they connect with the only person who gives life any semblance of sanity and well-being. That would be the Christ. This again is true.
I am crazy about writing?
I am conscious of people observing me and talking about me –like paranoid?
I like playing mind games with people?
I like psychoanalysing myself?

Oh the many things we don’t know about ourselves, but our writings about even remote topics show about us!

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