And though in me the Dark Spawn seeks to hatch
In me the Divine Being breeds his seed
Birthing a light beyond imagination
To rule over all

The poet in the Xplizitsouljah, for me, has achieved a good feat. It’s not every month I come across a poem that appeals sweetly my “dark” poetry sense, yet glows with a soothing light. I always believe it is possible to paint a bright picture of life against a bold background of death. I’ll explain: the darker the darkness, the brighter even a dim light will appear. A poem with sharply contrasting dark and bright/hopeful contents.


Badly beaten I press on the march
Pearly gates in my eyes is the catch
Too many things blind me like I wear an imaginary patch
The finish line is where my mind set its latched

A young gazelle now I have lost speed
I blame this on nothing but my shameless deeds
The results are maggots that on my soul feed
In this life be aware that greed only begets more greed

Some like me are no longer in motion
They have been overwhelmed by the deceitful potion
Their ships wrecked by the tumultuous ocean
They failed to decipher the unsuspecting notion

But I am prepared to finish this unending brawl
If my feet fail me then with my hands I crawl
It matters not if my body so sprawl
Faster I shall be than geckos on the wall

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