The Song Of The Star

English: Star map of galaxy NGC 11.

English: Star map of galaxy NGC 11. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not to be compared with the sun;
The mighty ruler of the day;
Source of energy that sustains life,
With glory and value that cannot be hid or questioned.
An important person to be reckoned with.

The moon only shines with the light it gets from the sun.
Yet it is god of the night;
The sustenance in the darkest hour,
Sacrificially giving of all it has got;
A true lover that sticks with one through all.

The dark night sky of life is vast.
There are many things to distract one who lives under it.
One could lose the sense of purpose,
Lost in the enchanting darkness.
Like a life without colour.

I am not a huge and promiscuous star.
But I shine with a light from within me,
That seems small to those looking from afar,
But actually bigger than the sun from up close.
A living and pure heavenly light breathing within me.

P.S.: The stars in the picture don’t look remarkable. I know. Don’t pardon me. It only shows my point.
Thank you.

3 responses to “The Song Of The Star

  1. That post was not directed at you or any other individual .

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