Nature And Man’s Nature/Life.

Colors 10 minutes before sunrise. Rocher Percé...

Toronto after a rain storm.

Let me wake with the bright golden sun
The hope and heat which it has
The vigour and charity with which it shines
The life and warmth which it bestows

Let me drift with the light invisible breeze
The freedom and strength which it has
The carefreeness and light-footedness with which it blows
The calmness and happiness which it gives

Let me fall with the chaotic clear rainstorm
The heaviness and force which it has
The despair and determination with which it falls
The gloom and life which it brings

Let me rest with the soothing silvery moon
The fortitude and glow which it has
The passivity and goodness with which it glows
The laziness and peace which it imparts

P.S.: The focus is primarily not on me (my character), i.e., the “Let me”s are not exactly a prayer about how I should be.
The focus is on the personality of those objects –sun, breeze, rainstorm, and moon.
Then, the secondary focus gets back to man, as possessing those four personality/life attributes/situations (one attribute package for each stanza.)

11 responses to “Nature And Man’s Nature/Life.

  1. Rain’s my favorite bit. Are you from TO?

  2. I really like the repeating theme of “let me”…and the conditions thereafter described. A “carry you away” type of poem.

    • Really glad you follow, CallyG.
      Thanks for visiting again.

      This is for you

      Let me chatter with Charon
      The light-spiritedness and goodness which she has
      The insight and skill with which she uses words
      The encouragement and laughter she brings…

      Oh, please, let me…

      • ready…steady…AWWW! Thank you, X…you have made my day, and it’s early yet, so a double GB to you for that. Love the gooooood vibes (imagine soft refrain of Beach Boys: Good Vibrations, /————-/ here. ) 🙂

  3. Shards Of DuBois

    the gloom and life that it brings…so true, so true…this I know. just lovely doc, when applied to the sun, moon, etc…. could be applied to people’s characters, but rarely do you find the charity, happiness, life giving or peace declared clearly in people…. jus sayin 🙂

  4. Hmmm!!!!!!!! Yet I read you loud and clear @just saying.
    Hmmmm!!!!! I see you did a raid on my cave while men slept. You ol’ sneaky scruffy hairy….!!!!!!!!

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