The Enchanted Writer’s Muse

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The definition of muse I am concerned about, of the different ones provided by the online dictionary, is:
(n.) the source of inspiration for an artist.
Tips: The Muses of Greek mythology
were nine goddesses who presided
over and protected the arts and
sciences and who were said to inspire
poets and artists. You may still hear
people today refer to someone as
their muse, because they inspired
them and galvanized them to
Artists’ muses vary widely from human beings (especially someone the artist shares a bond with) to animals, to non-living things (including the controversial ‘psychedelic art’ which involves inspiration in altered states induced by psychoactive drugs or alcohol usually); and some artists only need an element of thought or feeling, not attached to anyone or thing in particular, e.g., a mood swing (hehehe!).
Whilst I also have a huge reservoir of muses (humans, animals, plants, sunsets, sunrise, etc), I belong among that last category needing only an element of thought or emotion and “I’m off!” But I don’t write mostly to “relieve stress or pain”.
Now, there are times -and these are MANY -when I look at the supernatural aspect of life and existence. Now, Dear Reader, make no mistake about my being a scientist who indeed loves the scientific method and proof. In fact, this has made it easier to acknowledge the existence and the reality of the unseen world, beating visibly under the thin skin of this world. From events in the outside world all around, to the forces resident in our human nature, I do not find it hard acknowledging the proof of the supernatural. And, before long the Spirit within me tickles my thoughts and I am lost, obsessing over the wondrous reality and pull of the supernatural. In this altered state of mine, I feel genuinely lost. I feel on fire, literally. I have never successfully written out all my thoughts before. Whatever is close by I grab -phone, jotter, laptop. And my fingers get to working feverishly. And then it’s done.

I know different artists experience their “highs” or “busts” differently; and with different muses (sources of inspiration) too. It’s an amazing experience I GUESS. I welcome anyone who has it differently or better than I do. I am quite open to learn.
(Smile + Wink+ Bow)
Thank you.

16 responses to “The Enchanted Writer’s Muse

  1. Interesting musings you have here…

  2. Just a quick hello , i am really on the run today , my muse is calling . You express the creative process very well . The words can come and go so quickly at times . So easy to lose those words if you don’t capture them quickly . Take care Chris …..

  3. Are you a scientist? Tell truth now. I already know you’re an artist.

  4. Shards Of DuBois

    I wonder if we discussed this subject before or not, but as a scientist, how do u reconcile the facts that really do prove something all omnipotent HAD to have started everything?…(simply what I call my Einstein theory) and if all you scientist types got together for once and agreed on a single theory, why wouldn’t it be this one?? both evolution and creation theories are right, to an extent on the latter, so why the fuss?

  5. The debate on creation vs evolution is an eternal one, so let me skip that.
    However, I do like the other question. We’ll take it one by one.
    One: the creation aspect is not a 100 percent readily proven by empirical/practical/standard scientific methods.
    Your turn.

  6. Shards Of DuBois

    Isaac Newton proved there is a God, with his third law of motion: basically for every action there is an equal reaction, and vice versa, therefore nothing could have started in all the universe without a boot from God!

    • Hey! Remember this is not another debate about creation vs evolution. We are looking at why both parties don’t want to agree when it appears they should.
      Nonetheless, to quickly address your third law issue, let me say: that only means something may have given the universe a boot. It doesn’t particularly point to an invisible God. Besides, that’s just one scientific principle, of the numerous there are.
      Let’s get back to the topic.
      I’ll further by saying:
      Two, some of the proponents for the two sides don’t fully understand what the other is saying. OR they just don’t WANT to.

      • Shards Of DuBois

        I think they are both so arrogant, they can’t see past their own degree’s to formulate a bit of commen sense. Why they wish to only believe one way or the other is beyond me, why one must always be right, or all knowing, or infallable is just not possible… with one exception. only one. out of 6 billion people, what are the odds? and ps, I didn’t say God was invisible, I believe we see God everywhere, because God is energy, an energy of pure love! Energy propells everything, from mass to gas, lol, and pure love gives us energy, thus u have the true creative circle of LIFE. 😉

  7. Okay…that’d be another thing -arrogOkay…that’d be another thing -arrogOkay…that’d be another thing -arrogOkay…that’d be another thing -arrogance.
    Four, it may be part of man’s move to push God further away from himself. He didn’t fancy God and His ways, or the fact that someone (God, in this case) is demanding man’s obedience. Meanwhile, man wants to be free of this sort of allegiance. So, he sees attributing the power of creativity to someone other than God as a way to reduce the involvement of this God in man’s world. This I say just a little bit cautiously.
    Shards, you don’t want to go that way (regarding Newton’s third law and God, God being energy, etc). It’s a long twisted path. Don’t Shards!!! Hehehe. Meanwhile,

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