Sensible Tribute

Chess set-lions vs dogs-004

We birth and spank.
Who teaches the neonate to cry?
We put to breast.
Who teaches the baby to suck?
We put on the floor.
Who teaches the infant to crawl?
We tickle .
Who teaches the toddler to smile?
We speak words.
Who teaches the child make sounds?

We impart knowledge.
Who teaches the schooler to learn?
We impart concepts.
Who teaches the adolescent understanding?
We introduced an attractive mate.
Who taught the youth “chemistry”?
We put them on the bed together.
Who taught the young adult procreation?
We brought them through life’s experiences.
Who taught the adults wisdom?

We took them through many years and seasons.
Who taught the elderly life?
We took them to the end.
Who taught the aged death?

P.S.: Tribute,
Mighty Teacher and Wise Planner
With awesome fore-sight!
You have set the wheels in motion
From way back,
Like a Great-Grandmaster Chess-player.

5 responses to “Sensible Tribute

  1. Nicely done sir. Do you have an answer for us? Do you know who in fact did these things that you talk so eloquently about?

    • Hehehe! Trent, to return the favour (of tickling me in the ribs), I’d say the answer is “the monkey”.
      But, for the benefit of the other readers and possible subsequent commenters, I’ll say it’s another positive point in the argument for the existence of a super-smart God. He may have His rules regarding interfering in every little thing (when he already made us men responsible for how we treat ourselves and the planet); but he has left some strong finger-prints in how our body/soul/mind systems operate -much like a very complex programming.

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