Truth: Run-Away Groom

Toilet drinker.

Like a bride that finally found her man
Hiding away in the toilet on the wedding day,
So do we have mixed feelings
Finding run-away (elusive) truth.

Frustrated -for having searched EVERYwhere before eventually getting to the toilet?
Sad -for having to look for it at all, when it should be there for us as at WHEN needed.
Hopeless -for having searched in all EXPECTED places.
Happy shock -for STUMBLING upon it in a toilet.
Sad shock -for finding truth HIDING away from us in a toilet.
Doubt -because truth hid away FROM US.
Relief -for FINALLY finding truth.
Hope -for finally FINDING truth.

I know some will throw a temper tantrum now they have finally found him. Then, they will pretend they never really wanted him; and will start throwing pity-parties and sulking. (Secretly yearning for his profuse apologies and making up.)

P.S.: Then we ask Truth -“Why did you hide away from us at this important moment of life???”
Or was the problem US?

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