Maybe I don’t always have to post dark writings;
Maybe my writings don’t always have to be melancholy;
Maybe I can pretend…

Hanging out on my veranda,
I see men patronizing the road,
As they go about their daily lives;
Trying to imagine –
No, actually imagining –
What they look like on the inside:

The morbidly obese and bloated
-full of pride; thinking they are all-in-all;
The shadow featherweights
-full of vanity; not paying attention to real value;
The dark, foul, little serpents
-breeding corruption and treachery;
The skeletons clad in black
-clones of the Grim Reaper, harbingers of hate and death;
The green gargoyles with eyes about to pop
-coveting all they see, forever discontent;
Cruising pairs of gonads
-sex-slaved souls, always “on heat”.

Oh! And the horrid haunting ghost-god of an author
-feeling separate from, and better than the pathetic mortals he’s writing about.

Maybe I can pretend…
…That he is just a content man with self-esteem, smiling in the evening breeze.
…That she is just a fashionista enjoying the her newest wardrope addition.
…That he is just desperate to survive in a harsh world and stay alive by “all” means.
…That she is just reacting normally to the harm/hurt life and others have dealt her.
…That he simply wants something nice and better for a change.
…That she is simply responding to the hormonal drive for pleasure.

…That I am just a writer calling things as I perceive them.

NB: I have assigned gender attributes (eg. he or she) with no bias in mind.
And, if the reader knows of better reasons for doing the “sick” things we do, please be my guest and add them.

10 responses to “Alter-perceptions

  1. That is a funny way to post something not so dark. It always is lurking, I guess.

    • Trent, help!!! I am trying.
      Heehehehehe! Nice to host you again.

      • I meant that as a compliment of course. Thought you were going for some irony there, seeing the lighter side of things that are dark but even in pretending it’s hard to make reality out of non-reality.

        • Trent, thanks first, for the compliment.
          I reacted because I sincerely find it easy to see the dark/cynical side of things. And I initially wanted to write more on the good side of those people I observed. But, somehow, the effect of the cynicism outweighed the good picture.
          So, maybe I should just keep calling things are they are -black OR white (with no attempted partiality for black.)
          That said, let me call you (just as you are) an interesting guest on this site. Been pleasurable having you around.

          • Very happy to be here and to read what you bring. I wonder if trying to find some light side in things might not even bring out the dark/cynical side that much more firmly. Sort of funny how that might work.

        • Oh Trent! Oh Trent!!! Could you be any more right?!
          Or, maybe it’s that I’m not looking deep enough. MAYBE.

  2. I love your blog.You are a good blogger.

  3. Ohh this is great! You sir are truly nocturnal as am I. I will return in my darkness to continue this reading & commenting frenzie I’m having.

    • Hehehe!!! Jo! Fancy seeing you rear your lovely crested head here. I wonder when this your night will come; and the wonders you shall pour out. I await thee, lady.
      And thanks for your compliment on the post.

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