The Definition Of Me?

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

…So now…
So I am a blood-y Christian
So I am a black African
So I am a mid-vicenarian
So I am a non-promiscuous bachelor
So I am a medical doctor
So I am a passionate writer
So I am a happy melancholic
So I am a labelled-occasionally immature

…What next…
So I live in the reality of the other unseen world
So I do not give an ant’s piss about skin colour
So I feel I should still be a light-hearted teenager
So I still respect appropriate boundaries on sex whilst feeling free as the air
So I get shamefully caught up in job titles at times
So I am obsessed with writing about the connection between the unseen world and this world
So I really do not believe in rigidly classifying personalities/people
So I am not crazy about appearing mature and respected.

P.S.: So I live in the consciousness of the person and power of the Christ.

Even the most absurd thoughts can't ruffle this Enchanted Writer. Spill, please...

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