FMV -The Lounging God

NASA GOES-13 Full Disk view of Earth December ...

A god lounging out at his balcony,
Spectating those tiny particles moving below;
Men and women, children and animals;
All the activities in the stream of life.
Of course, they don’t know I am here;
So blind to my pretty realm
Above their petty realm.
All of them so myopic (shortsighted)!
Let me pretend to also ignore them.
Or, better yet,
I’ll spit out on them;
Or cause some interference –
Just for my saddistic godly pleasure
Probably then I’ll draw some attention and due recognition to myself.

But, I am no god.
I am just a crazy writer –

Who has a God,
Completely different
From the type I am feeling myself to be,
Whilst hanging out here,
From the balcony,
At my hospital building,
On a merry Thursday night.

Thank you.

6 responses to “FMV -The Lounging God

  1. But what is the difference between a crazy writer and a crazy god?

    • realityenchanted

      Hehehe! Interesting you should ask, because I asked the same question myself, just at the point of my open confession to being a crazy writer.
      Also, I guess I was feeling like both at the same time.
      So, for the purpose of this writing, let’s say: “None!”

  2. Nineteenfifteen

    I’m glad he probably doesn’t exist, but you exist- and I like that fact very much.

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