From Among The Crowd: Introduction

English: Ermine Street. Ancient & Modern: mobi...

Today, I also walk in this stream of life:
Amongst the crowd of men and women,
As they pour by and alongside me,
Carrying the weights and gains;
The stories and hopes;
Of their lives
So easily on their outward appearances;
And just swimming along.
Some to work;
Some from work;
Some others from night raves and vices;
Last others from and to nowhere.
A boy ahead with ear plugged to music maybe.
A woman smiles a greeting to a neighbour.
A market woman opens shop singing a prayer.
Groups of people sitting in different spots.
All seem oblivious to this crazy man.
Definitely none guessing he is a writer,
Typing furiously into his phone whilst walking on the road;
Eyes jerking between his phone and the street,
Head rolling awkwardly as he looks all around,
To ensure safety of himself and his phone,
Being a road.
It’s quiet this morning.
Everyone looks calm,
But carrying probably unspeakable noises.
Some truly calm.

Good morning, world.

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