Musings In The Dark.

Sunset on Sunset Beach

The lights are falling in heavy rains;
Glowing all around me;
None shinning on me.
Yet, I am not running into my shadows.

Peace is raging with heavy waves;
Crashing on the shore all around me;
Not even a spash on my skin.
And I am here on the beach.

Love is sizzling with passionate heat,
All over the house.
Why then am I shivering with a cold heart?
And the windows are even closed.

Why can’t I jump from my bed into the blinding floodlight?
Why can’t I step off the shore into the calmly rolling waters?
Why can’t I stroll over into the kitchen’s warm love?
Am I just pitying myself to wallow in self-destruct mode?

P.S.: Yet -no matter what I do –
The light runs.
The peace flows.
The love burns.

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