Photonote: Romance

To those who receive my posts by mail, this post is a photograph containing all these:
When you find that WOMAN
Who makes you feel as FREE
As though you were still unattached
Yet without “heats” for OTHER woman.

Well, what else are you looking for?!

6 responses to “Photonote: Romance

  1. Nice, but I was expecting to see a photo! Hehehe

    • realityenchanted

      I am terribly sorry. Between attaching the photo and the actual display on the post, something just didn’t go through.
      If this happens again, I would just go ahead to delete the post.

      • People use your imagination, it is poetry after all! I guess “he” literally didn’t get it? LOL! Happy Poetic Ascension Day everyone!

  2. If I may ask: who is the “he”?
    And the Earthean says the Enchanted has a way with words. Meanwhile, we see how her sense of humour is not exactly travelling on straight tracks.
    Keep it up, Earthean.

  3. Sorry, I should be more clear, by “he”, I meant the initial poster – Mayple, who stated: “Nice, but I was expecting to see a photo!” – regarding your Romance Poem. I replied that he should use his imagination, not referring to you. Sorry for the misunderstanding! 😉

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