From My Veranda: Second Floor, Evening…The Animal Instinct

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!

Like a sloth that’s been deprived of sleep,
The night calls out to me,
Slowly but unrelentingly…
It’s Friday night and the air feels different
-loaded with pheromones.
The humans are on heat.
I wonder what exactly it is about Friday nights
That make(s) people experience hormonal tornadoes.
And I’m not just referring to ladies.

The scopists are there.
Keeping watch.
Looking for any quarry that dares come their way.
They will literally kill the game with their steeling stare.
They will smother the lady with the flaming-all-smokey desire
That pours out from them like an inferno.
May I not be a kind of prey for this voracious “lovers”.
What makes man run so crazily after something?
The hormonal plague.
Just as ladies experience the hormonal scourge, men also are no different.
True it produces different effects in those men.
They blame ladies for being emotionally unstable
When the tornado rocks their boat.
Well, the men just go out on rampage altogether
And turn cannibals with the rage of the Avatar’s fire-lord “Ozai“.
Like cockroaches who are notorious for feeding on the bodies of their fellows.
The hormonal plague comes on all.
Makes affectionate and intuitive, and calm and rational people
Act like mindless zombies!
Can we be excused and just blame it on the hormones or biological make-up?
Can it be ignored?

Meanwhile, men walk to and fro, cycle up and down, drive in their cars along the stretch of the streets;
Each carrying the hormones
Boiling silently

As they look forward to their lovely homes with/without wives and/or children.

All in the stream of life
From my verandah.

P.S.: I know I have only stated a small part of things we do “under the influence” of our biological/genetic make-up!

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