First Writing Day-Off: Cool Posts I Stumbled Upon

I decided to give a little bit more time to reading from fellow bloggers over the past 24 hours. I ran across the Poetry section; and found that good poetry still is alive!

Even if you are not one for personal rants/journals, you will be hooked onto this descriptive-expressive style as the writer mixes some cynicism with humour. And it was a real experience.

This is a refreshing deviation from many boring haikus.
How could you laugh at such a touching story of a suffering snake? I did! The writer made me!

I could have written a review; but this cool piece is this short: “KERPLUNK



went the


into my heart


my love

are worse

than heroin”

Who says you can’t get a tearingly awesome space-shoot when you need one! I’d definitely vote for this lovely photo over the harsh-sweet poem about love. All in one post!

And this blogger has got some really good posts. But, this short one speaks for itself:
“in poetry, as in law,
we never mention clearly
that which we clearly mention.”

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