Rants From My Sleep -Troubled World

South coast of Barbados, West Indies.

English: a beach in maine on a clear day with ...


Waking up from sleep with a fitful fright,
As though I had a nightmare.
It was only the sound of traffic at night,
Making me fear and stare.


Jumping up from my flat mattress,
Like someone possessed.
I know I can’t suppress,
The words scourging to be expressed.


Where the night is alive,
With men noisily swarming the stream of life;
As they walk and run, cycle and drive,
Each wearily carrying the weight of his life.


You either kill or be killed by your worry;
Or else live as a tortured savage;
Who hangs down in gloom and slavery;
Though happily saluted for resilience and courage.


“Lose your worries stuck on you like glue;
Let your spirits for once swim away in the stream.”
“I am also a frustrated man like you;
But letting go, back to my sleep and dream.”


I was never born for this –
Sleeping like an exhausted man on the brink of collapse;
My house was built out on the beach of peace –
Where life doesn’t shrink or elapse.

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