A Mad Warrior’s Chant

English: ANZAC War Grave Cemetery, Codford St ...

English: A sword fight between U.S. Senators R...

Born a bloody warrior from time;
Nothing ever shivering my spine.
Murder for me is not a crime;
Unholy vengeance is mine.

In battle I am a dancer;
With the sword I beat the drum.
In death I am a drinker;
With blood as my rum.

I leap from space to time,
Stepping on skulls;
My muscles and machete rhyme,
Cutting through guts and galls.

I bash on the foe’s head,
Moving as the breeze.
I watch his blood shed,
Making his heart cease.

I run though a troop
As though unseen;
Laying waste with one scoop
With skills so keen.

Flawless and tireless,
Drugged with my allies’ cheers;
Fearless and merciless,
Drunk on the enemies’ fears.

See the blood flowing like premium wine;
The cluttered bodies like heaped cherries.
See the enemies’ graves of best design;
Swords dyed hot-red like strawberries.

Rest comes to the lazy!
At dusk we wine and dine,
Drive the night crazy,
And grow a drunken spine.

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