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The Mad City Poet Meets Humans’ Good Side 2 -Resilience

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The monkey hangs out at his balcony every night.
A sage this one is!
Whilst his more primitive members
Rave and carouse with the animal instinct,
And relieve their hormonal “heat”.

He observes the humans below:
A fascinating species, he has acknowledged.
He sees this man,
Labouring from dawn till dusk,
Looking several years worn out,
And several troubles bent over.
Probably has about five mouths to feed.
No hopeful bright on his face in the morning.
No grateful smile on his face in the night.

The confused monkey wonders:
What keeps him going?

See there again, that youth.
Could not afford to further his education.
Probably an orphan.
Supported by relatives,
Till he could just barely stand on his own.
Yet I have never spied him involved in a dubious situation.

But eh, how far can the monkey see hanging out from his balcony?!

A hopeful spark in the morning.
A downcast frown in the evening.
Yet he wakes up with the sun,
And walks into every new day.

The sage-ly monkey watches and wonders:
A hopeless worn-out family man
Always seeming on the brink of collapse;
A hopeful hard-knocked youth
Always seeming to have the worst of life.
Yet, they live on…
Through each day.

The wise monkey considers this:
The wisdom of the Creator –
As he carves all these words into a nearby tree
For all to see;
Whilst hanging out
From his balcony.

Not “Losing It”.

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This is not poetry, and the words have no deep dark meanings…

Most times, I feel
Like I am living in two bodies:
One is always on a long road,
Moving fast and free;
Feeling very o-kay,
Moving on the border of two worlds –
The seen and the unseen.
The other changes locations and experiences –
For instance, now,
It is sitting on a chair writing,
Tommy-full and wearily bobbing head to music.

P.S.: Other times, I just don’t quite know what’s up!

A simple, practical-as-well-as-magical perspective of heaven.

Unshakable Hope

Until I began reading the Bible at the age of 21, I had no idea of what heaven was truly like. My childish view of heaven had been mostly formed by popular culture; from cartoons, television shows and movies like “Heaven Can Wait.” In my mind heaven was a really boring place where disembodied spirits wandered aimlessly through a mysterious London-like fog. The picture I had built-up in my limited imagination was just slightly better than the first level of Dante’s portrayal of hell; far from the beautiful paradise that I now believe it to be.

When I began reading the Bible’s descriptions of this place called heaven, I was shocked by how different it was from my naive view. I am now convinced that it’s vital to have an accurate view of heaven in order to maintain a genuine (joy and peace-giving) hope for this life…

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The Definition Of Me?

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

…So now…
So I am a blood-y Christian
So I am a black African
So I am a mid-vicenarian
So I am a non-promiscuous bachelor
So I am a medical doctor
So I am a passionate writer
So I am a happy melancholic
So I am a labelled-occasionally immature

…What next…
So I live in the reality of the other unseen world
So I do not give an ant’s piss about skin colour
So I feel I should still be a light-hearted teenager
So I still respect appropriate boundaries on sex whilst feeling free as the air
So I get shamefully caught up in job titles at times
So I am obsessed with writing about the connection between the unseen world and this world
So I really do not believe in rigidly classifying personalities/people
So I am not crazy about appearing mature and respected.

P.S.: So I live in the consciousness of the person and power of the Christ.

Midnight Bed Muse -Changing World

Sunlight just after midnight near Tromsø, Norway

Time to fall down, to my knees
As I look back, way far back
Over all I have, FREELY truly HAVE
But all I EARNED, all actually useless
And open up my heart, my stranded heart
To the One, The Only One


Life has been re-defined, I once defined
And now I see, really clearly see
What life is, and should be
Even on dark days, starkly blankly dark
This still IS, my song is
The re-definition, of my existence.

P.S.: Clarity in chaos
Light in darkness
Truth in illusion
Reality in dreams
Life in death