Blame my cynicism on staring blind at the vanities on parade on this worldly stage, but I love this poem from a fellow blogger!

Murtaza Unplugged

It seems eons ago when I oozed with hope

When I never found myself tied to a rope

Long before the mundanities of life began to apply the choke

Alas, everything that I do now makes me soak!


There was a time when my life was mine

When I lived it to the fullest like some dream divine

Never really bothered to earn a nickel or dime

Everything seemed so sublime when my life was mine


Once ‘I’ was the beginning and also the end

When my nights and days followed no trend

Freedom and Frivolity were like my own brand

And the whole world seemed like my motherland


Everyday was once like a Sunday

Never knew a day that wasn’t a fun day

When nothing could ever come in my way

It felt like a rhythm divine when my days didn’t feel like a boring Monday

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging the post… I appreciate is very much!!!

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