Explained -The Mad Village Poet 7

frog or toad

Please refer to my post @ https://ifeelshadows.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/my-idyllic-village-experience/ for a background to the story.

Original(O): Sit still before me.
Listen to the diarrhoea of constipated thoughts
Bleeding from the mind of the virgin.
The blue-blood stain a clear proof!
Explained(E): The head and the heart have been packed full, with passions and thoughts; and are now rushing out in words. That would make me the virgin writer, the newborn in the game. And that would make my blue ink the stain on the white paper I wrote my poems on whilst in the village.
O: Wisdom can speak for itself,
Without using loudspeakers.
E: Wisdom at times can be easily recognised as wisdom. (When it uses a loudspeaker.) Other times, however, one cannot easily see the sense in something until near the end, or long after it is over.
O: It can’t be likened to my relatives
-The stout croaky noble frogs
Who shoulder the responsibility of the world.
E: I think I pass for a lover of nature; and sometimes I liken myself to monkeys, just for poetic effect. I have also taken a deeper liking to the amphibians (whom I praised more in my post “My Idyllic Village Experience”. These have given rise to the saying “you don’t have to croak to be heard”. Ironically, this ain’t always true; this amphibian has done its research well. It croaks usually for mating advertisement. Now, is this not true that when it comes to courtship rituals amongst us humans, we usually croak to be heard? From the girl subtly wriggling her hips or playing the “feeling aloof” card to the wild and boisterous ones!
O: Dryness is found everywhere these days.
And many times, it also doesn’t croak to be heard.
The parch-throated reader can testify to that.
E: Sadly, there are many writings that don’t interest readers these days. It’s a desert here on this whiteland, with many of us writers struggling to pitch our tents. Some writers have discovered oases, however, and have built houses!
And when a writing is really dry, it’s not hard to tell.
O: Wonder if there’s any who understands the line above!
E: Hmm! Should I criticise myself and call my writing …? Well, I already admitted to being a virgin!
O: So, let the wise-humoured reader
Venture into this white land
With a cup of water.
E: Just as written. Don’t expect to have your thirst quenched. Better to be surprised with some good writings you stumble upon than to have high expectations and come off the blogosphere with nothing.
O: And now, the virgin waits to be impregnated!
Thank you.

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