The Mad Village Poet -10 (Original)

English: Saimiri sciureus. Français : Saimiri ...

English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chlor...

English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chloris) found in eastern Australia. Français : Litoria chloris, une grenouille arboricole de l’est australien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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You can call the frog cute

Just so he can help rid you of mosquitoes.

A long road ends in heartbreaks

When your heart grows sick from longing.

Though one may prove brave and strong

By walking the length of it,

Is the journey any more fun?

In the end, anyway

You will earn the Purple Heart for boredom.

How fast time flies

When its wings are unclipped by the pen.

Life turns up great

When played by the book.

But spare me the throes of reading music.

I’d rather be just another croaky-frog writer,

Who sings his words with a bang

Even though he plagiarized.

Then what advantage does free-styling have,

When the monkey also has his stunts?

But, can we all be poet laureates?

You don’t need wisdom to choose which to be.

You only need monkey soup.

And don’t even begin to think

You know the choice I made.

Humour me if you can

Not forgetting that you’d still the monkey soup,

So we can speak the same lingua.

So long, fellas!

We shall meet in the jungle.

4 responses to “The Mad Village Poet -10 (Original)

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  3. Shards Of DuBois

    your full of monkey soup! lol

  4. Hehehehe! If we speak same language, then that means you are also drunk on monkey soup. Welcome to the monkeyhood of the soup! An elite intellecto-cuisine society! If you understand what that means, then you are a specialist in monkey soup; and you are really bananas!

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