From My Veranda: First Floor -Morning…

English: Early morning sunlight on Rodel Hotel

English: Morning Sunlight Morning sunlight and...

It has been a nicely quiet night. Well, except for the little boy who had febrile seizures at 3 am.
I am up and bright, the drooping of my eyelids the previous day leaving no memories.
The noises of automobiles and mankind already announcing the day. I wonder what kind of lazy roosters would not crow in the morning. The kind that should be roasted. (Make no mistake about my loving animals, please!)
Men are already on their ways to their different works. Some are cleaning their commercial vehicles. Some are setting up their wares for sale. I can see this man urinating on my side of the hospital -his own early morning ritual, I guess. I am surprised he doesn’t seem to notice the young man on the first floor of the hospital in front of him.
Here comes another young man, dressed in sports wear but bathroom slippers on. He has an ear-piece on and appears to be in a jaunty mood. Or, he is just trying to appear hip.
It’s morning; and humanity is alive again. Plans have been made for the day -for good, for harm. Hopes that today will be better than the previous. I wonder why people hope for a different result everytime when they didn’t get any the previous time, and they are not doing anything differently. Maybe that is why it is called hope. Some just don’t want to fare worse than yesterday. The rest are driven by ambition to beat their previous records. This is not written on the face, however. So, don’t think that smiling-faced, easily-striding, cool-countenanced young man is not driven to higher purposes.
Humanity strives. Humanity thrives.
Some stay. Some stray.
The stream of life goes on…

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